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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,343

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Sick of hearing them being referred to as "President Trump's guidelines"

Hey ass kissers, Trump didn't invent the guidelines. He never even actually took them seriously.

edited for a grammar mistake

If this Country was actually in a conventional war...

would Trump expect the governors of each state to wage it separately?

Whatever happened with John Bolton's book?

You don't hear anything about it anymore.

Watching the presser...

thinking of how late they are in getting around to a lot of the things they're talking about. I was under the impression they were further along with the production and supplies than what I'm hearing.

Trump used backdrop of hospital ship for self aggrandizing speech

I don't why this particular thing he has done disgusts me so much, but it just does.

Trump is a master of the non answer

Watching his BS presser.

Wow, he is hell bent on getting off the only thing that is lowering the spread

OMG Trump just used the old traffic accidents comparison to the virus

What is the truth about Trump's travel ban from China?

I heard that it didn't really do much because it allowed anyone coming back to the States in with little testing or screening of any kind. He keeps talking about it as if he did a wonderful thing.

How to get more information out of a coronavirus press conference

Take Trump off the stage and put someone up there that knows what they are talking about. No one needs him to even be there. Then, stop wasting time with all the fake flattery of Trump and get to the point.
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