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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 12,006

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my first pride even. was hot ,88 degrees f, even hd a covid shot.

not an official type forecast but an observational one for sonora ca .

clear and 84 degress f, thunderstorms in the sierra nevada range . lovely to see the thunderbumpers up there .

going to my first pride event.

while back i was gonna goto sfo pride, but my heart had other idears . wound up in hospital er w afib. so far the heart is calm and collected . this is a local event. will be taking nap unitll then.


where can i find information on the recently passed budget bill? i want to know what we lost and we gained . thanks i perefer info over a computer . have internet on phone but very limited on that . thanks

a du weather question if i may???

why do new tropical storms have the handle invest in the gulf of mexico? thanks.

Hndel Concerto Grosso HWV 312-17 432Hz

sonora ca weather update .

in the disscussion, there have been active thunderstorms since this weekend near lake tahoe south, with significant rain , lighting , thunder and penny and quarter size hail. sorry for the runnon but that is the only way i could express it . delta breeze has been keeping temps on the lo side for the am and have had to wear a hoodie . the tstorms are to spin out of the area this week, but things keep changing.

nice evening for snora ca. evening temps are 80 degrees f.

sonora ca non traditional forecasts

cool on the coast/ w a chance of afternoon thunderstorms . looks like we will have cool weather for memorial day weekend with storms on the sierra nevada crest the remainder of the week. if going up there beep preparied .
sonora current conditions @ 11 am..
sky clear.
temps 71 degrees f.

obediance training for canadian geese .

wonder if it would work on humans ? i love the guys voice .

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