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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,475

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du am weather temps check in.

on 12/17/
current temp for sonora ca is 29 degrees f.

du evening temps check in

sky . 100% clear with a rising barometer. current temp is @ 42 degrees f. tonites overnite lo is forecasted to be 28 degrees f. bundle up.



have any of u earthquake watchers here noticed that the micro quakes in california ,esp along the san andreas fault have turned off . i have seen this pattern before.
red alert , red alert , the ship is on red alert.

du morning temp check in

33 degrees f and a mix of rain and snow possible in sonora ca @ 0635 .


sonora ca , (3 hours east of san fransico and at a elevation of 1800 feet) is having a dusting of light snow fall. our first of the year.

breaking news 7.4 earthquake strikes indonisia.


usgs info
the info page seems to be busy.

severe weather waring for sonora ca .

sonora ca ,3 hours east of san fransico in the sierra nevada foothills , i live at an altitude of1800 feet, is under a severe urban and small stream flood warning due WHAT...Urban and possible small stream flooding caused by
excessive rainfall is occurring or may occur overnight.


fake amazon calls on increase here at home . land line phone .


poster # 2 has a great resource from the ftc.


i dont know where to put this , if anyone can suggest , please help. thanks

anyone getting a uptick on fake amazon calls lately,

anti vaxxer , i dont wanna . covid ,( in the voice of vultan the hawkman), DIE.

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