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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,472

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du morning temp check in

30 degrees f @ 0630 am

frost warning for sonora ca .


mucho frio. burrr.


the little guy is orko the great . from he man legacy 1980s.
gasp , has it been that long? eghad .
orko is a magician, sometimes, as his tricks backfire .
temps are to be in the lo 30s to upper 20s, so protect those sensitive plants and or bring em indoors if possible .

have been watching a swarm of earthquakes off the oregon coast

mags range from 5.9 . 4. etc. been going on the last few days.

my webbrowser wouldnt load the usgs page of that area. guess the page is saturated w requests and constant updating.

next month will be over a year for the insurrection.

why isnt trump on the stand?

this current usct dosent give a hoot hoot hoot about the little person.

the usct holds the little person in comtempt and distain. in my humble opinion half of them should not be their as is half of the lower courts that tfg shoved throught and mmm wouldnt let obama pick his nominees and now here we are .some are doubia shrubs apointments . shall we expand the court and or reform? you decide.

i cant get these dang songs out of my head.:)

1: life over the ocean waves . played by royal marines


2: stars and stripes forever. performed by the usmc band .

3: benson az from the movie dark star.

the only cw song i like .
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