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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,472

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how to make non app folders on apple iphone home screen.

how do i make a non app folder on the iphone home screen. thanks .

leroy anderson composor

he was busy.

the typwriter song.

leroy anderson.

covid 19 passport

i seemed to have misplaced or lost my covid 19 passport . i need the physical paper one and was given a website called myvccinationrecord.cdph.pa.ca .gov.
i cant make heads or tails of it . i live in california.

how many of you heard of this peice of music.

i heard it on a utube page a while back. used to be signoff for a number of tv stations in los angles back in the day. it was also used for the late show theme song (old movies )

final covid update . after my last post , i went to see my primary care

for a standard exam and follow up. i was released from covid exile controls and now able to move freely about the country.i asked him about getting a covid test and he said no as the virus would be inert in the body for 90 days and show false positives . i think that is what happened to me as i got my boster shot and went into hospital on sun with a " sore throat". always be vigialent.ca released the mask mandates way too early. aint over yet by a long shot. dont ever get this , what ever you do , dont get it . im glad i had all my shots and didnt wind up in the icu or iso ward at local hospital. u dont need this . live .

even though i left in anger , with the ukrane situation in play i feel that i need to be

informed on the situation with non rating and non emotional news . cant get upset w hype .
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