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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 3,994

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wow. just wow.

person saw a need for his services and started it.


dont know if this belongs here , perhaps someone could direct me to where it should belong.
here goes .

sez awww.

elephants follow a woman riding a bycicle

pahcyderm love .


which scenes in movies or movies make you cry?

for me
1: lord of the rings " you shall bow to no one
2: the chitty chitty bang bang transformation and unveiling scene ,
the scene starts at 3:27 into the vid. genii means magical being in latin.


i am running a mac book air (early 2014) (warrenty long expired as has apple care) i have a question to the group. the other day was using skype , and then got a card saying skype needs apple key chain, first off what is a key chain and why do i need it ? second why does skype need a key chain? is this a backbround question. got malware bytes no infection ran avast , no infection. whew. so, is this a skype thing, and is this new ? thanks in advance from all01bear . ps ive had other issues w skype in the past . long live apple . pss , the os is high sierra if that helps

a friend sent this via skype .

made me laugh


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