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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
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re: tale of 2 stores

yesterday. tuesday may 5th. went to walmart around 0900 around 50 % wore masks 10 did not . today went to safe mart( a regional california store chain) again 50 % did and 20 percent didnt wear masks . to day at 1300 i went to walmart . 40% didnt wear masks and 10 % didnt. lowes same .wearing that mask only on your nose doesent help and wearing that mask on your chin doesent help. a friend of mine lives in monterey county says that there is a$1000 dollar fine if not wearing a mask. ( i live in tuolumne county ca) , a mostly red district, think mc clintock). whenever i see people now not wearing masks , i i say this in my mind , how dare you threaten my health) i now all of the sudden many kids wearing masks . i wear a medicly approved resperator type mask. since the dear leaders fiasco at the honeywell mask plant , this has beome my anthem,,
along with this one &t=37s

grab some tissues .

the ending will get ya.

hihowdi. completed my weekly shopping. a study of 2 stores .

i do it on 2 days
day 1: walmart. population 50% wearing masks and 50% percent not
day 2:save-mart, a california regional grocery store. entire population in store wearing masks . staff split 50 50. at this time we only have 2 cases of cv19. (tuolumne county ca . a mostly red district with tom mcclintock as their senator.
)what is the mask ratio in your neck of the woods?

are there other du members on youtube?

i am being constantly bugged by the pop up there that wants you to try youtube tv. im not interested . how do i get rid of that thing pernamantly? thanks

on edit: thanks for responding . stay safe . go blue in november .

self isolation ordered by a dalek.

is there a way to get a glossary of terms on here ?

last several weeks there have been words that i dont know the meaning of , such as astroturfing. what does that mean? what does gaslighting mean other than for street lights ?



the cataract of my second eye has been removed . feels wierd without glasses . please stay safe .


ive seen these posts on youtube and they are adorable .

eyed thought uall would enjoy this

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