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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 9,868

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goodnes gracious . from 110 last week to a flash flood watch in sonora ca


its groaner time !!!!!

Did you catch the answered that was blowing on the wind?

as of 1654 hours ,,, its raining in sonora !!!!!! and i dont mean sprinkles either.

rockey and bullwinkle goof gas epi out takes .


weather breifing for sonora ca sunday into next week

in the disccusion a maritime polar storm will come from alaska and stall off n ca coast bringing chances of rain starting sunday and into tuesday. my models suggest this and i have 3 models concurring.
cross fingeres .

i dont know if this is the place or if this has been published b4. the u

what hits the fan.

another informal weather discussion.

it was 49 degrees f here in sonora ca , condsidering a few days ago the temps were in the 110 degrees f range . and the state electric grid operator was scrambeling for voltage and wattage . had to put on a extra quilt last nite .

this is a informal weather discussion.

last nite we had a hefty drop in temps here in sonora . 53 degrees f to be exact. went out to eat for my bday and when mr sun went down it got cold . so i put on a extra quilt.i hear of 40 % chance of rain for us this weeked as a maratime polar storm is coming from the gulf of alaska and is to stall off the coast of ca. have a great nite du.

had a nice celebration of my 65 th bday

this birthday was a minions theme . got rise of gru and 2 minions shorts discs. also got wall e and my health care worker brought a nice baloon and card . going to be binge watching minions sat. have a grand day yall.

tomrrow is my birthday. 65 years on this triestreal ball .:) have a good day du.

thanks for keeping me insane all these years .
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