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nkpolitics1212's Journal
nkpolitics1212's Journal
October 31, 2023

The top tier candidates for MD-3 are Harry Dunn,Calvin Ball III, and Vanessa Atterbeary.

Atterbeary is a 2 and 1/2 term black female state delegate from Howard County who chairs the Ways and Means committee and Work Group to Address Police Reform and Accountability in MD, served as Vice Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Member of Joint Committee on Children,Youth,and Families, Rules and Executive Nominations Committee,
Atterbeary worked at a homeless shelter while in law school, worked at a law firm specializing in family law, introduced legislation raising the minimum age of marriage from 15 to 18 and introduced legislation allowing Judges in sexual assault trials to admit evidence of prior bad acts committed by the defendant. Atterbeary has introduced gun control legislation.
Ball III is a 1 and 1/2 term County Executive of Howard County and prior to that served 3 terms in the Howard County Council. Ball III is a black male.
Dunn is a Capitol Hill police officer who was present at the 1/6 riots. Dunn was arresting the rioters. Dunn is a black male.

MD gets 2 new female US House Members. Lesley Lopez for MD-6 and Vanessa Atterbeary for MD-3. 1 new female US Senator. Angela Alsobrooks.

October 30, 2023

The next US Representative from MD-3 is not going to be a white male.

Calvin Ball III and Harry Dunn are black males.
Vanessa Atterbeary is a black female.
Clarence Lam is an Asian Male.
Sarah Elfreth,Dawn Gile,Dana Jones, and Courtney Watson are white females.

Vanessa Atterbeary would be my favorite based on her record in the state legislature.
Vice Chair of the Judiciary Committee.
Chair of the Ways and Means Committee
Members of the Joint Committee of Children Youth and Families.
Legislative Black Caucus.
Chair of the Howard County House Delegation.
Deputy Majority Whip

Vanessa Atterbeary has worked on issues of Law,Criminal Justice and Public Safety,

Atterbeary is the person we need in the US House.

MD gets Angela Alsobrooks(a black female elected to the US Senate) and either Vanessa Atterbeary,Calvin Ball III or Harry Dunn elected to the US House.

October 28, 2023

Who is the Democratic frontrunner in the 2024 MD-3 US House Race?

Calvin Ball- the current County Executive of Howard County or Harry Dunn- the Capitol Hill Police Officer and savior and survivor of the January 6 riots. Both of these men are young rising star black male candidates in a White Majority Congressional District.
State legislators- Clarence Lam, Vanessa Atterbeary, Sarah Elfreth, Dawn Gile, Dana Jones, and Courtney Watson.
Lam is an Asian male.
Atterbeary is a black female.
Elfreth,Gile,Jones,and Watson are white female.

October 28, 2023

Which political party in the US House of Representatives voted their conscience in the Speaker of House position?

Red CD Democratic US House Members that voted for Hakeem Jeffries.
Gluesenkemp Perez(WA-3)

Blue CD Republican US House Members.
Mike Lawler(NY-17) and the other Biden CD US House members that voted for Mike Johnson.

October 28, 2023

Capitol Police Officer and January 6 Riot Victim Harry Dunn is considering to replace MD-3 US Representative Sarbanes.

What are his chances in winning the Democratic Primary?
If he wins, He will be the first black male US House member to represent MD-3 in the US House of Representatives.

October 28, 2023

Who replaces MD US Representatives Trone and Sarbanes?

Lesley Lopez-D 1st Hispanic female /State Delegate Montgomery County.
Tekesha Martinez-D 1st Black female/ Mayor of Hagerstown/Washington County.
Joel Martin Rubin-D vice Mayor of Chevy Chase and candidate of US House of MD-8 in 2016.
Joe Vogel-D is older than Maxwell Frost(D-FL) state Delegate in Montgomery County.
Ashwin Jain- 2022 candidate for Governor.
April McClain Delaney- former MD-6 CD John Delaney’s wife.
Jan Gardner(Former County Executive of Frederick County.)
Laurie Anne Sayles- At Large Montgomery County Councilor.

Vanessa Atterbeary- state delegate of Howard County. First Black Female.
Calvin Ball III- County Executive of Howard County. First Black Male.
Sarah Elfreth- state senator of Anne Arundel County.
Dawn Gile- state Senator of Anne Arundel County.
Dana Jones- state delegate of Anne Arundel County.
Clarence Lam- state delegate and state Senator of Howard County. First Asian Male.
Courtney Watson- state delegate of Howard County.
Harry Dunn- US Capitol Police Officer and Jan 6 riot victim. Will be the first Male to represent MD-3.
What are Harry Dunn’s chances? We need him to stand up to the Matt Gaetz, Mike Johnson,Paul Gosar.

October 28, 2023

Sarbanes,Raskin,and Hoyer retiring will give MD 3 more black US House Members.

Sarbanes(MD-3) goes to Howard County Executive Calvin Ball III.
Raskin(MD-8) goes to At Large Montgomery County Council Member Will Jawando.
Hoyer(MD-5) goes to At Large Prince George’s County Council Chairman Calvin Hawkins II
Those 3 will join Ivey(MD-4),Mfume(MD-7), and US Senator Elect Angela Alsobrooks.
Trone(MD-6) will be replaced by former Frederick County Executive Jan Gardner a white female.
Ruppersberger(MD-2) will be replaced by Baltimore County Executive John Olszewski Jr. a white male.

October 27, 2023

MD US Representative John Sarbanes-D is retiring.

He is not running for his father’s US Senate seat. The seat Ben Cardin is vacating after 18 years.
I am waiting to see who MD US Representatives John Sarbanes, Jamie Raskin, and Dutch Ruppersberger are endorsing in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary. Angela Alsobrook has been endorsed by
US Senator Chris Van Hollen
US Representative Steny Hoyer
US Representative Kweisi Mfume
US Representative Glenn Ivey
Governor Wes Moore
Lt Governor Aruna Miller
Comptroller Brooke Lierman
I am waiting to see who Anthony Brown, John Sarbanes, Jamie Raskin, and Dutch Ruppersberger’s are endorsing in the 2024 MD US Senate Democratic Primary.
The front runners for the 2024 MD-3 US House Democratic Primary are Howard County Executive Calvin Ball III and Anne Arundel County Executive Steuart Pittman.

October 26, 2023

2032 is going to be the year my home state CO elect their next US Senator.

Hickenlooper is running for re-election to a 2nd term in 2026.
Bennet is running for re-election to a 4th term in 2028.
Hickenlooper will complete his 2nd term in 2032 and will be over 80 years and is a strong supporter of two term limits for member of the US Senate. Hickenlooper’s sucessor will be
Neguse,Crow,Pettersen,Caraveo,or Frisch if he defeats Boebert and gets re-elected to CO-3 US House seat in 2026,2028,and 2030.

October 25, 2023

Who is going to be the next Speaker of the US House of Representatives?

Mike Johnston(LA)
Byron Donalds (FL)

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