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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jan 21, 2017, 12:51 AM
Number of posts: 3,389

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Orange Floyd

Big man, pig man
Ha, ha, charade you are
You well heeled big wheel
Ha, ha, charade you are
And when your hand is on your heart
You're nearly a good laugh
Almost a joker
With your head down in the pig bin
Saying 'Keep on digging'
Pig stain on your fat chin
What do you hope to find
Down in the pig mine?
You're nearly a laugh
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry
Bus stop rat bag
Ha, ha, charade you are
You fucked up old hag
Ha, ha, charade you are
You radiate cold shafts of broken glass
You're nearly a good laugh
Almost worth a quick grin
You like the feel of steel
You're hot stuff with a hatpin
And good fun with a hand gun
You're nearly a laugh
You're nearly a laugh
But you're really a cry
Hey you, Whitehouse
Ha, ha, charade you are
You house proud town mouse
Ha, ha, charade you are
You're trying to keep our feelings off the street
You're nearly a real treat
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
You got to stem the evil tide
And keep it all on the inside
Mary you're nearly a treat
Mary you're nearly a treat
But you're really a cry
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Sun Jul 15, 2018, 11:56 PM (6 replies)

Trump autographed photos of deceased crime victims for White House 'Angel Families' event

Source: CNBC

President Donald Trump appears to have autographed photos of deceased young people that were featured at a White House event Friday highlighting victims of crimes committed by undocumented immigrants.

There were 11 photos total being held up by family members who had lost loved ones, and all of the photos bore Trump's unmistakably scrawled signature in large-tipped black pen.

Autographing the photos was an unusual decision, in that it appeared to combine the celebrity element of an autograph with the solemn image of a dead loved one.

It was unclear whether the photos had been produced by the White House, when the president autographed them, or whether this was done at the families' request. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the photos.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/22/trump-autographed-photos-of-dead-crime-victims-for-white-house-event.html

What a sick, narcissistic motherfucker.
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Sat Jun 23, 2018, 04:08 AM (4 replies)

Donald Trump: Stable Nuclear Genius

(Trump) said he was not worried that North Korea would abandon the denuclearization process, stating, “Once you start the process it means it’s pretty much over. ” As evidence for this assertion, he referred to conversations he had had with an uncle who was a professor at MIT.


Trump knows a lot about modern nuclear arsenals and the denuclearization process because he had a few conversations with his uncle...who died 33 years ago.


Posted by LudwigPastorius | Tue Jun 12, 2018, 12:50 PM (2 replies)

FLOTUS Melania Trump?

She hasn’t been seen in public going on 17 days now.

Is she seriously ill, recovering from cosmetic surgery, in rehab?

Or, should the American people accept the explanation that a minor medical procedure has her sequestered for over two weeks? Are we owed anything at all concerning the status of the First Lady?

I’m not implying something sinister is going on, but I do know that I don’t believe a single word that comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth...about ANYTHING.
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Sun May 27, 2018, 02:29 PM (72 replies)

The Constitutional Crisis is Here

Eugene Robinson, from the WaPo: (my bolding)

Stop waiting for the constitutional crisis that President Trump is sure to provoke. It’s here.

On Sunday, via Twitter, Trump demanded that the Justice Department concoct a transparently political investigation, with the aim of smearing veteran professionals at Justice and the FBI and also throwing mud at the previous administration. Trump’s only rational goal is casting doubt on the probe by special counsel Robert S. Mueller III, which appears to be closing in.


None of this is normal or acceptable. One of the bedrock principles of our system of government is that no one is above the law, not even the president. But a gutless Congress has refused, so far, to protect this sacred inheritance.

Trump is determined to use the Justice Department and the FBI to punish those he sees as political enemies. This is a crisis, and it will get worse.

More here: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/05/22/the_constitutional_crisis_is_here_137090.html
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Tue May 22, 2018, 11:56 AM (8 replies)

Trump campaign emails photo of Parkland survivor, asks for donations

Source: CNN

(CNN)President Donald Trump's re-election campaign used a photo of a survivor of the Parkland, Florida, shooting in an email Saturday that asks its recipients to donate money to the campaign.

The email contains a photo of 17-year-old Madeleine Wilford in a hospital bed surrounded by her family, Trump and the first lady. The President visited Wilford on February 16, two days after the attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 dead.


"Trump is taking steps toward banning gun bump stocks and strengthening background checks for gun purchasers," it says. "The President has made his intent very clear: 'making our schools and our children safer will be our top priority.'"

Near the end of the message, there's a link to the campaign's donations page.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/25/politics/trump-campaign-email-parkland-photo/index.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+rss%2Fcnn_topstories+%28RSS%3A+CNN+-+Top+Stories%29

Trying to make money off of the bullet-riddled body of mass shooting survivor is yet another new low for the orange scumbag.
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Sun Feb 25, 2018, 08:27 PM (20 replies)

Is Trump Preparing for War With North Korea? -The Atlantic

Peter Beinart makes the case that, by no longer talking about diplomacy, sanctions, or China, Trump is signaling that he's ready to start some shit.

Particularly chilling is the reported reason that Victor Cha's nomination for ambassador to South Korea was withdrawn.

The more closely you read Donald Trump’s comments about North Korea in his State of the Union address, the more plausible it becomes that he is preparing for war.

First, there’s the sheer emphasis he placed on the subject. In his speech, Trump devoted a mere sentence to Russia and China. He devoted 23 words to Israel, 34 to Afghanistan, and 48 to Iran. Even the war against ISIS, which Trump cites as the main foreign-policy achievement of his first year in office, garnered only 302 words. North Korea received 475.


But if Trump’s real aim was to rally public support for a military strike, the (American formerly held by the DPRK, Otto) Warmbier and Ji (Seong Ho, defector) stories serve a purpose. They rouse moral indignation. The Warmbier case even makes American military action seem like an act of self-defense. Kim’s regime brutalized a U.S. citizen. Now, as Trump told Warmbier’s parents, “we pledge to honor Otto’s memory with American resolve.”

As Trump was preparing to deliver his address, news broke that the White House was withdrawing the nomination of former Bush National Security Council official Victor Cha to be ambassador to South Korea. The Financial Times reported that Cha had been “asked by [administration] officials whether he was prepared to help manage the evacuation of American citizens from South Korea —an operation known as non-combatant evacuation operations—that would almost certainly be implemented before any military strike.” Cha, the Financial Times reported, “had expressed his reservations about any kind of military strike.” These reservations apparently cost him his job.

Read more here: https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/01/trump-north-korea-sotu-cha/551933/
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Wed Jan 31, 2018, 04:16 PM (1 replies)

Trump Considering Bringing Charges Against Robert Mueller -NBC News


But Trump — who trusts no one, or at least no one for long — has now decided that he must have an alternative strategy that does not involve having Justice Department officials fire Mueller.

"I think he's been convinced that firing Mueller would not only create a firestorm, it would play right into Mueller's hands," said another friend, "because it would give Mueller the moral high ground."

Instead, as is now becoming plain, the Trump strategy is to discredit the investigation and the FBI without officially removing the leadership. Trump is even talking to friends about the possibility of asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to consider prosecuting Mueller and his team.

"Here's how it would work: 'We're sorry, Mr. Mueller, you won't be able to run the federal grand jury today because he has to go testify to another federal grand jury,'" said one Trump adviser.


This would truly be the tipping point into all-out autocracy. ...the end of our democratic system of checks and balances.
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Wed Jan 31, 2018, 11:54 AM (14 replies)

Donald Trump has a sickening fetish for cruelty -USA Today

These are not the actions of a well-adjusted person. Trump clearly has a maudlin fetish for cruelty – given his pattern of humiliating both friend and foe, the president's brain is occupied with little else than Electoral College results and revenge fantasies. Trump is basically a 71-year old kid cackling in delight as he melts ants under his magnifying glass. Only these ants are attorneys general, senators, FBI directors and governors.

Naturally, Trump's supporters think toying with peoples' dignity is a show of strength – but it is the exact opposite. He's a weak leader who wastes what little political capital he has settling personal scores. With apologies to Winston Churchill, Trump remains an immodest man with much to be modest about.

And it's just a matter of time before he's under Vladimir Putin's magnifying glass.

More here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2017/08/05/trump-has-fetish-cruelty-christian-schneider-column/537483001/?utm_source=feedblitz&utm_medium=FeedBlitzRss&utm_campaign=usatoday-newstopstories
Posted by LudwigPastorius | Sat Aug 5, 2017, 07:34 PM (26 replies)

Guitar Pioneer Alan Holdsworth Dies


Progressive rock and jazz fusion guitar pioneer Allan Holdsworth, who Eddie Van Halen called “the best, in my book,” has died of unknown causes at the age of 70.


“Holdsworth is so damned good that I can’t cop anything. I can’t understand what he’s doing,” Van Halen raved in 2008. “I’ve got to do this [does two-hand tapping], whereas he’ll do it with one hand.”


Upon hearing of his death, Holdsworth’s guitar playing peers were quick to sing his praises on social media, with Toto‘s Steve Lukather saying he “changed the game” and Peter Frampton describing him as “brilliant, unique.” You can see many more testimonials below.

More here: http://ultimateclassicrock.com/guitar-pioneer-allan-holdsworth-dies/?trackback=tsmclip

Posted by LudwigPastorius | Sun Apr 16, 2017, 08:50 PM (3 replies)
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