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Profile Information

Name: Susan Austad
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Helena, Montana
Current location: Helena, Montana
Member since: Sun Jan 22, 2017, 10:45 AM
Number of posts: 3,513

About Me

My original user name was Delmette, but I could not remember my email password to sign up again. So I am Delmette2.0

Journal Archives

When I was in first grade the teacher didn't want me to be left handed.

My Mother already saw what my older brother went through when he favored his left hand and has to change. Mom told the teacher flat out that she was left handed and didn't see it to be a problem. I am still left handed.

Thirty years later my youngest son was going to be held back in first grade . Because 1. he started his zeros at the bottom instead of the top, 2. He couldn't skip, 3. He didn't play much with other children. I stopped her right there. Because I start my zeros and o's at the bottom because that is where my pencil is, my son also taught himself to ride a bike without training wheels just a few months prior and he did play well with other children. I told the teacher " He will be a leader not a follower.

We don't need to change our children. We need teachers who accept the difference in each child as good things.

P.S. I am still growing up and learning.
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