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captain queeg

captain queeg's Journal
captain queeg's Journal
May 26, 2017

Big-time backlash: When all polling on Donald Trump is dismissed as fake

Source: Fox news

The troubling thing here is that we no longer agree on a common set of facts. Conservatives and liberals are increasingly in their own silos, turning to their own opinionated media sources and constructing their Facebook and Twitter feeds the same way.

If everything is fake news, then the role of news in fostering intelligent debate is decimated.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/05/26/big-time-backlash-when-all-polling-on-donald-trump-is-dismissed-as-fake.html

Even Fox "news" recognizes the disconnect between reality and people's viewpoints. They talk about all the people who ignore anything negative about Trump and dismiss it as fake news. It is stunning to me how many Americans dig in their heels and ignore the truth about Trump. Maybe when they lose there health insurance or social security they may open their eyes, but probably not. They will somehow blame democrats for it.
May 25, 2017

Macron out manuevered Trump on the hand shake domination trick

Source: France24 online news

Forewarned is forearmed, it seems, because when Macron encountered Trump in Brussels for the first time, it was Trump who couldn’t free his digits from his jaw clenching counterpart’s steely grip. When Macron finally did let go, Trump’s fingers were visibly white.

Read more: http://www.france24.com/en/20170525-france-macron-trump-white-knuckles-first-meetup

Macron was ready for Trump and grabbed his hand and wouldn't let go. Good for the frenchies.
May 6, 2017

Sometimes I can understand the supposed Republican platform, but can't understand Trumpsters

First off, I state the SUPPOSED platform because as far as I can tell at least at the national level they have sold their souls to big business, wall street, donors, and part unity above patriotism. But the ideas of personal responsibility, independence, some other stuff but I won't get into any religious aspects. these are thing a common working man can get behind. And while I think most of us would acknowledge their are freeloaders and lazy people taking advantage of government assistance we are willing to accept that so the assistance is there for the majority who actually need it. We'd rather that that give welfare to Boeing or something.

I sort of go off on a tirade below, so for those that don't want to waste their time: My brother, a doctor, just visited. He voted for Trump, and while I avoided the subject he made the comment "I wish they'd give Trump a chance". I thought WTF, to destroy the world or at least America? He is not a stupid person, I just don't get it.

Beware: social commentary; Before I move onto my continued amazement at the support for Trump, I'll go off on a tangent that got me thinking about "supposed Republican values". Got up early today and decided to get some errands done early. I had a couple prescriptions to pick up, so hit the pharmacy as it was opening. My stuff wasn't ready so I figured I'd go get an oil change and come back in a half hour or so. I went to a chain place, sat in my car for 15 minutes waiting for someone to come scan me and take my keys. I was jut getting ready to leave when one of the workers wandered by and asked if I was getting helped. Sorry, let me cut to the chase instead of bogging down on minutiae of my morning. The sort of it is I was there almost 2 hours. I looked out into the garage and it was obvious my car was done and been moved out. I finally went t the counter and asked if I could have my keys and pay, they acted confused and one of them finally said "oh, the printer is out of paper" so the 2 nit wits behind the desk were waiting for some paperwork to spit out at them before they even got off their butts and checked the counter. My first thought was the obvious "lazy assholes", but short on the heels of that I wondered what we have come to. I sort of skipped over the earlier part of the story where the entire crew was involved in a discussion about the specifics of work orders, and my car was considered done until they saw a completed work order. We have all notice the proliferation of undocumented workers doing so much of the menial labor. I have often thought to myself that so many Americans are too lazy to do those jobs.

So actually I believe that holds true in plenty of cases I found myself wondering how hard it would be to do a job where you were little more than a machine following orders and not doing anything without the orders. Today's republicans blame all the regs and paperwork on liberals or democrats or whatever. But, went from manual labor as a young man, back to school to be a professional. At the time, professionals had a lot of leeway to use their brains. But as computers spread everywhere, the number crunchers wanted data; data so they could make all the decisions. So we have become a country that doesn't pay attention to what skilled labor says, big decisions are driven by clueless higher ups who often don't really understand the data or the real meaning of data. Anyway i got way off and don't remember my point, other than America does not value its real skilled workers and we are slaves to "data".

May 5, 2017

Anyone else think that since 9/11 police and military are automatically considereed "heroes"

This is just my opinion based on my experience. Just read another post about a cop punching a handcuffed juvenile, and no I don't know the explicit details but can't really imagine anything justifying that short of a full on physical assault, which was not the case. It just seems to me that ever since 9/11 all cops, military, fireman, etc. are automatically considered heroes just by virtue of have that profession. Certainly many of them perform heroic actions (and yes, thank you, I did my time in Afghanistan), but certainly they are not all heroes. Most of them make pretty good money, and retirement. Sometimes they are in harms way, many times not.

Do people think the public gives them a pass too much, or maybe its just the repugs who often wave the flag to cover their treasonous true actions? How many repugs vs democrats served in the armed forces? We have a draft dodger president who is more than willing send others in harms way.

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