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captain queeg

captain queeg's Journal
captain queeg's Journal
September 22, 2023

Thanks everyone. It went well but haven't talked to my Dr yet.

At least that I remember. It was delayed about 4 hrs because he had an emergency patient. I talked to him a little prior to the surgery. He had me do a couple moves and said he thought I was a lot better than the MRI had made it look. Not in much pain so I’m hoping for good results.

September 12, 2023

Wow, I was just listening to Roosevelt's Day of Infamy speech after Pearl Harbor was attacked

Early in Roosevelt's speech to congress he said “indeed one hour after Germany’s air squadrons started bombing…”. I can’t believe I’d never heard that mentioned anywhere before. Pretty big faux pa, but I’m sure he was already thinking about war with Germany rather than Japan.

September 4, 2023

What was the worst movie you ever saw.

I still remember even though it was well over 50 yrs ago. Back in the 3 channels plus a few UHF we were having a sleep over and turned on one of those old sci-fi/horror shows. It was called The Wizard of Mars. (I’ll have to go online and see if it’s listed somewhere. The thing I remember the astronauts or whatever were in an inflatable raft and being attacked by some sort of crocodile like creatures. They were obviously just painted boards but the best part is you could see the ropes pulling them. I guess it was kind of fun to watch and laugh along the way.

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