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Member since: Sat Jan 28, 2017, 11:44 PM
Number of posts: 1,018

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To understand the apathy repukes have for

the lazy lying steaming pile Hump's atrocities one must take into account the level of hatred repukes have for Democrats.

It's ok that Russia's foreign policy takes precedence over the USA's. They will still vote for the party rather than a Democratic candidate.

It's ok that a rapist sits in the highest office of the land. "Conservative" judges are being appointed to further limit any encroachment of liberal thinking on our govenment.

It's ok that 'herd immunity' will happen. I will let my family get sick and die rather than let a Democratic policy be enacted anywhere.

You are in a war with a very determined enemy. You may not want to be at war. You may not want to think you are hated and vilified. Those wants don't matter. The reality is repukes would rather burn everything down than allow a compromise with the left.

I don't just mean Moscow Mitch, purveyor of weapons to mass murderers. I don't just mean Barr or Graham. I mean ANYONE who votes republican cares so little about you that they rather their family die than allow you a voice in this government. Let that sink in. You are hated by 60 million people because you believe in bettering the lives of others. You are the enemy of 60 million americans because you believe healthcare is something everyone should have access to. Just because you'd rather not get mugged doesn't mean someone isn't waiting around the corner to bash your head in and take your wallet. Vote and encourage others to vote. Neighbors with yard signs favoring republicans are advertising the people in that house don't like you. They will smile in your face and stab you in the back. Be aware of the danger that republican supporters are willing to kill themselves and you before they will let you decide anything about what is good for America.

Defeating the lazy lying steaming pile Hump won't change that fact. Repukes must be defeated and fought for EVERY elected position until they are gone. Don't for one second trust they will come around or be compromised with. They must be defeated soundly and thoroughly.

Thanks for the hearts

I really appreciate the gesture🥰

Thank you for my hearts

They’re wonderful

Thank you for my heart.

You’ve made my week😃

The greatest outcome

The House of Representatives inquiry goes on until Dems win in 2020. Things are dragged out procedurally until the Democratic Senate is seated January 1 2021. The Senate then votes to convict the lazy lying steaming pile Hump and he is kicked out of office before the inauguration 😃😃

Never forget Mueller is republican

and is, therefore, suspect. I have never believed in a republican doing what is right for America. I have never seen it since before Nixon. The only thing to save America from fascism is democrats. Never let go of that desperate need. GET OUT THE VOTE!!

I would like to express a very deep gratitude

for my heart. I love it.

I will hold it and pet it and squeeze it and call it lub lub.

Seriously, thank you. I would lose my shit w/o DU.

Psychedelic television programs

Got this idea while responding to another thread.

Name a program that, in your opinion, was psychedelically influenced. For example, HR Puffnstuff.

It has become crucial to win the house.

Repukes have shown no desire to investigate republican campaign shenanigans. If a mid level FBI agent needs investigating for 'influencing a campaign' what should be done with Cohen's statements that Trump manipulated the campaign?

Call your representatives. Put pressure on all republicans to do what's right.

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