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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,687

Journal Archives

bruce cockburn - last night of the world (studio-1999) ... unless it was champagne with you :)

Todays rumination on Charles Manson ...

Charles Manson, as most are aware, is a notorious murderer.

He was sentenced to life in prison, and he served life in prison ... over 40 years worth of his miserable life, as I recall.

But Charles Manson, as most are also aware ... didn't kill anyone himself. Didn't even a raise a finger against the people he was convicted of murdering.

Instead, he collected a group of impressionable people, and molded and shaped them into a weapon to be used on his behalf. A CULT, IOW.

Then he worked this cult into a frenzy with tales of a deadly upcoming civil war, resulting in societal collapse, where whites and black are fighting each other in the streets.

Then he directed his mob out into the public, in order to foment the conditions necessary to begin this 'inevitable' Civil War that he imagined in his drug-induced delirium.

A Capitol Hill policeman is now dead.

Most likely, killed by rampaging cult members, at minimum indirectly, at best accidentally.

These cultists were directed to this violence ... by someone other than Manson.

But as they did so, they wore regalia festooned with messages like "Civil War - 1/06/2020" and "Camp Auschwitz".

Need I remind anyone of the infamous Swastika carved into Manson's forehead?

Helter Skelter, indeed ...

Steve Earle - Far Away in Another Town (studio - 2021) Pop covers one my favorites from Justin

In fact, it's probably my FAVORITE Justin song.

I always wanted to hear Steve do it, in fact. Not like this, but ...


Full new covers album out now, called J.T., btw.

The Black Crowes - Charming Mess (quite old, but finally released 2021) - Glamrock Where U At?

Maggie Rogers - Light On (2019 - La Blogothque - Live in Paris) another great one from Mags ...

maggie rogers - burning (live on Ellen Show-2019) the young lady from the beach at the DNC 2020

This is a kick ass tune ... but she makes me tired ...

And the original ...

tennis - needle and a knife (studio-2015) such a freaking classic 1970's vibe, y'all gon love it

Y'all think Michigan might ban civilians with guns in their State House after this, or nah? (nt)

Boy, That Escalated ...

Props to Ed Stern on twitter ...

When all is said and done, I wonder how many of these protesters will be found to be Blackwater

and similar mercenaries?
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