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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,608

Journal Archives

Congratulations on your Big Win today, AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, Cox, etc!

Protip: If you want more people on The Facebook to see your post ... preface it with "Congratulations" ...

Now, for the rest of the world ... Allow me to describe for you what the loss of Net Neutrality actually looks like.

Imagine ComCast is your internet provider ... you're trying to talk ... to them ...

Oh ... you wanted ... Netflix? You don't want to just sign up for Comcast Streaming Video, for a mere $5/month, everything included? Well, in that case, it'll be $10/month extra on your internet bill. Plus whatever is your Netflix fee ... so, you may want to rethink that!

And you want Spotify, too? Then you'll be needing our 'Premium Streaming Music Package' ... which is $7.50/month extra. And that's in addition to your Spotify fee. You do know there's Comcast Music, which is only an extra $2.00, right?

Wait, you don't just want to use Comcast Search Portal, free with your internet? It's chock-full of exclusive offers, available only to 'Your Comcast Internet' subscribers!

ANYways ... So, you actually want to go to ... GOOGLE? Huh!?

Well, with Your Comcast Internet Service, you CAN ... for merely an extra $10/month, as part of our Premium Search Package! (Disclaimer: Links to External Websites, not part of Your Comcast Internet Service, may not be visible and/or functional).

And you even want to be able to visit FACEBOOK? You do know there's Comcast Social Media, right? It comes WITH YOUR INTERNET! It's GREAT! ALL your friends are there! You should try it! I mean sure, we'll LET you go to Facebook ... and that's only an extra $10/month, but Comcast Social Media is where it's at!

And if you want the Pronz, well ... okay ... we don't have that, but that'll be $20/month extra. You'll also need to sign this waiver first ...

And oh, by the way, we have an exclusive agreement with Amazon, so we don't offer 'other places to shop' ... such sites aren't available on Your Comcast Internet Service. We're certain you'll enjoy your Amazon shopping experience, however. Please see Amazon for exclusive offers available only to Your Comcast Internet Service subscribers!

Also, that article that was critical of Comcast's business practices, that you heard about on Twitter ... yeah ... sorry, that article isn't available on Your Comcast Internet Service. You can, for the low, low price of only $200/month, however, have access to "ALL* THE INTERNET'!"

Did you want to sign up for our "ALL* THE INTERNET" Service? Operators are standing by!!!

Though, if that is too costly we do also offer a more budget-conscious 'News Politics' package, where you can visit sites such as the Washington Post, Breitbart News, MSNBC, Fox News, HuffPo, even Stormfront ... whatever is your fancy! It's our most popular plan, only an addt'l $30/month. Please contact our Operators to Upgrade Your Comcast Internet Service ... TODAY!

You get the friggin' picture? Elections ... have consequences ...

* subject to bandwidth limitations in any case where Comcast provides similar services, either for free, or a low addt'l price, and restrictions based on Exclusive Comcast Agreements, and other restrictions

So ... does 'Family Finances' include your 'Family BUSINESS Finances', Don the Con?

Some intrepid reporter needs to ask him whether he believes Mueller is out-of-bounds to even be looking into his BUSINESSES finances, as opposed to his PERSONALLY.

Everyone today seems to be assuming Mueller is 'crossing the line' with investigations potentially touching on Trumps businesses ... but I found myself wondering ... was that what the PINO was actually meaning ... when he said what he said?

I'm not saying he even deserves 'privacy' wrt his personal finances, but I think a somewhat reasonable case could be made at least for why HE THINKS they should be off-limits.

His businesses, or just those with which he has 'connections' even if they're not technically owned by himself ... I think it's ridiculous for him to believe those are somehow 'outside' Muellers jurisdiction. That's crazy talk.

By that I mean ... very much par for Don's course,

This supposed f***ing 'missile strike' STINKS to High Heaven. I'm not buying it ...

I'd bet that *IF* the US actually DID what the Drumpf Administration is claiming in Syria today ... then we did probably not blow up a single actual plane, or munitions dump, nor kill a single person.

In fact I'll go a step further and say PUTIN, in cahoots w/Drumpf ... probably ordered the chemical attack in the first place.

It's all WAY TOO CONVENIENT that it all happened just in time to distract the public from:
a) Nunes stepping down from Russia Probe, due to Ethics violations, directly involving Drumpf,
b) The F***ING GOP using the Nuclear Option to force Gorsuch down our throats,
c) Bannon being removed from NSC,
d) The ex-CIA Chief coming out and saying that they'd been monitoring the Russian Connections between Drumpf's cohorts and Russian operatives for MONTHS before the elections,
e) the FAILURE of the AHCA to get through before the Congressional Recess

What could POSSIBLY WORK BETTER for Drumpf ... than the entire sequence of events that just happened?

I mean, not only does he distract from these negative stories, he gets to 'appear' to be 'acting against Russian interests'. HOW PERFECT!


Tell you what ... I DON'T. And I'd bet a large sum that this whole thing was set up by Drumpf & Putin operatives (maybe even the initial chem attack though that's not critical to the overall storyline ... but rather just 'amazingly convenient' ... could be Putin's puppet Assad just 'figured out' that his benefactor could sure use an event like this). But FOR SURE it'd NOT surprise me at all if the Syrians were told by Russia what was coming, and to clear their airfield and their personnel.

Or maybe not ... may've just let 'em roast. After all, what's Assad really going to do to 'em?

The whole thing STINKS though man. Wag The Dog * Infinity going on right now.

Dog, I hope he gets nailed for it ...

On Edit:

I should've known my fellow DU'ers were way ahead of me ... lol ...

Been super-busy all day hadn't had time to think of much but my little conspiracy theory (nor check GD), fomenting in my little brain all day ...

Looking like everyone else is seeing things the same way ... derp on my part.

But this seriously friggin' stinks. And Drumpf today in the press conference looked to me like a man who KNEW ... he's seriously just made a deal w/the Devil. He looked afraid to me ... for real.

So wow ... No Comment on DU re: Death of 'The Family's' Leader, Doug Coe?

Sorry if I missed it but a site search turned up nothing ...


This strikes me as a bit of a big deal ... a major right-wing whacko ... and seemingly extremely powerful political operator has passed ... Somewhat akin to one of the Koch Brothers dying ... and not even a discussion on DU?

Again forgive me if I missed it, but otherwise ... discuss!
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