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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,203

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This supposed f***ing 'missile strike' STINKS to High Heaven. I'm not buying it ...

I'd bet that *IF* the US actually DID what the Drumpf Administration is claiming in Syria today ... then we did probably not blow up a single actual plane, or munitions dump, nor kill a single person.

In fact I'll go a step further and say PUTIN, in cahoots w/Drumpf ... probably ordered the chemical attack in the first place.

It's all WAY TOO CONVENIENT that it all happened just in time to distract the public from:
a) Nunes stepping down from Russia Probe, due to Ethics violations, directly involving Drumpf,
b) The F***ING GOP using the Nuclear Option to force Gorsuch down our throats,
c) Bannon being removed from NSC,
d) The ex-CIA Chief coming out and saying that they'd been monitoring the Russian Connections between Drumpf's cohorts and Russian operatives for MONTHS before the elections,
e) the FAILURE of the AHCA to get through before the Congressional Recess

What could POSSIBLY WORK BETTER for Drumpf ... than the entire sequence of events that just happened?

I mean, not only does he distract from these negative stories, he gets to 'appear' to be 'acting against Russian interests'. HOW PERFECT!


Tell you what ... I DON'T. And I'd bet a large sum that this whole thing was set up by Drumpf & Putin operatives (maybe even the initial chem attack though that's not critical to the overall storyline ... but rather just 'amazingly convenient' ... could be Putin's puppet Assad just 'figured out' that his benefactor could sure use an event like this). But FOR SURE it'd NOT surprise me at all if the Syrians were told by Russia what was coming, and to clear their airfield and their personnel.

Or maybe not ... may've just let 'em roast. After all, what's Assad really going to do to 'em?

The whole thing STINKS though man. Wag The Dog * Infinity going on right now.

Dog, I hope he gets nailed for it ...

On Edit:

I should've known my fellow DU'ers were way ahead of me ... lol ...

Been super-busy all day hadn't had time to think of much but my little conspiracy theory (nor check GD), fomenting in my little brain all day ...

Looking like everyone else is seeing things the same way ... derp on my part.

But this seriously friggin' stinks. And Drumpf today in the press conference looked to me like a man who KNEW ... he's seriously just made a deal w/the Devil. He looked afraid to me ... for real.
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