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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,203

Journal Archives

wilco - outtasite, outta mind (studio - 1995 - official video)

Power Pop Classic from Wilco's 2nd, Being There ... which was their first masterwork ... though this particular track is more fun than genius ...

uncle tupelo - chickamauga (1994 - studio - official video)

Americana classic with flamethrowing guitar licks, and some of my favorite lyrics ever put to wax ... from their final, amazing album Anodyne, before Jay split to make Son Volt and Jeff went on to form Wilco ... a truly seminal band ...

chris whitley - poison girl (studio - 1992) one for my man Glam ...

Ever heard this one? The National guitar on your last vid reminded of me of this track. They don't show one in the Vid, but the song features some sweet National playing ...

This whole record 'Living With The Law' was a damn masterpiece. If you've never heard it, you must. But you probably have

This is a killer, killer song ... And I've always suspected it's actually about something OTHER ... than an actual girl ...

the decemberists - rise to me (live-portland-2010) - A Beautiful Ode to Family ...

The 'Henry' mentioned refers to Colin's autistic son ...

This was performed before the record (The King Is Dead - BRILLIANT record) was even released, let alone the start of the tour ... and man, they are ON IT already.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this song ... and this live version of it ...

HA ... there's a very old comment from me in the YT chat ... lol ... forgot about that ...

Courtney Barnett/Kurt Vile (live - KEXP - 2017) plus a Goddess on Drums

That of course being Janet Weiss, from Sleater/Kinney (not Rocky Horror Picture Show)

A new Kurt and Courtney for Seattle ... very cool stuff ... bit of a dream team, actually ...

Not a huge fan of the 2nd song, but the 1st one's very good, and I love the 3rd one at around 17 mins (clearly a Vile-penned track), and the closer is kick-ass.

They both have pretty successful solo careers so this is likely a one-off, and you can kinda tell they're just starting the tour ... still tightening up, you might say.

steve earle - i feel alright (studio - 1996) - If MrL had a freaking Theme Song ... it's this mofo!

High Volume Highly Rec'd ...

Steve, the master ... fresh outta The Joint ... and kicking some ass ...

Lucinda Williams - I Lost It (studio - 1996)

From her masterpiece, Car Wheels on A Gravel Road (one of my greatest-ever Columbia House record choices) ... all 13 songs are drop-dead AWESOME ...

son volt - methamphetamine (studio - 2007)

One my favorite, fairly unknown Son Volt gems ... the slide guitar is just KILLER ... lyrics & melody awesome ... check it!

I took a night shift, another nickel on the dime
Try to play it straight and make it different this time
Still waiting to meet the next ex-wife

It's either watching these gauges for Monsanto
Or a bar-back job for the casino
The Army won't want me after what this body's been through

Would you take me back North Carolina?
Would you take me back Arkansas?
Blissful days still there to remember
Methamphetamine was the final straw

I had a killer job in a backup band playin' guitar in Branson
Two shows a night brought the money to chase down sin
Now it's another weekend and I'm lonely at home
Late night TV, evangelist drone
I'm healthy now but I really don't know if I'll ever be free

Would you take me back North Carolina?
Would you take me back Arkansas?
Blissful days still there to remember
Methamphetamine was the final straw

john hiatt - feels like rain (studio - 1987) t'was covered brilliantly by others ...

but like all John Hiatt songs ... nobody ever does it BETTER than the original, by The Man Himself ...

One of the slinkiest, sexiest, and most comforting grooves ever ...

rose royce - i wanna get next to you

Just cause I freaking love this song, and it's a groovy mellow Saturday morning song to chill to ... or maybe lay around to ... with your honey ...

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