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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,166

Journal Archives

What if these Texts were indeed purposefully hidden because they ARE the Trump Investigators?

What if, knowing as I'm sure they did by January 2017 that Trump was a friggin' full-on Money-Laundering Criminal and probable Russian Asset who certainly colluded to win the Election ... the FBI took steps to make it impossible for Trump and his Lapdogs Sessions and Ryan ... to requisition all the texts happening between the investigators by giving them new phones and scuttling the archive system?

I mean ... it would make some sense. All of sudden, THEIR BOSS, Trump is the subject of their investigation. Someone who could absolutely shut it down at any time. Someone with the power to simply wave away the investigation and demand that all evidence against him be handed over to himself.

Then, when they got Mueller ... they didn't have to worry about this anymore.

And the shitweasels Nunes and Gowdy got wind of this, and realized ... their ONLY angle is this 'secret society' bullshit?

BTW, does Congress have the absolute POWER to REQUIRE the FBI to hand over all the Texts between FBI agents, without ANY evidence of some actual WRONGDOING on the part of the Agency?

And if so, has it EVER been done?

"Pay For Our Wall, Or We'll Begin Killing Children" - Signed, Republican Scum

My idea for a sign tomorrow ...

If 'doing some stuff', then Winning POTUS on your 'first try' proves you're a 'stable genius'

If that's the case, then here's the list of other recent 'Stable Geniuses':

Barack Obama
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George HW Bush (though he ran for and won VP twice before he ran for POTUS and won)
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter
Lyndon B Johnson (had run for and won as VP once previously)
John F. Kennedy
Harry S. Truman
Dwight D. Eisenhower

List of people who, by HIS standard, that we cannot confirm as being 'stable geniuses':

Not Nixon, as he'd run for POTUS before and lost in 1960

Also ... this:

Such a numbskull ...

The Official 'Dumped Like A Dog' Horrifyingly Stupid Metaphor Thread ...

So, Steve Bannon was 'Dumped Like a Dog', was he, Dotard?

Yeah, nice metaphor.

After all, everyone out there has 'dumped someone like a dog', right? Lord knows, Americans hate their dogs, and revel in 'dumping them' off somewhere. It's just what we do!

I propose we come up a list of horrifically pained and stupid metaphors along those lines, just to maintain our sanity.

Here, I'll start (imagine it in Colbert/Trump voice):

"Steve Bannon was Kicked to the Curb ... Like a Polar Bear Cub!"
"Steve Bannon was Eviscerated ... Like A Poached African Elephant!"
"Steve Bannon was Drowned ... Like a US Coastal City In About 25 Years!"

Y'all take your best shot ...

I'm NOT buying the Trump/Bannon Dog & Pony Show ...

Trump has shown over and over that his strategy on fighting TrumpRussia is to impugn everyone involved in ANY sense ... Hillary, Obama, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Sessions, the Media, the 'coffee boy' ... you name it, everyone is either puny and unimportant, or LYING!

This little game today is really all about 'what Trumps knows Bannon knows about Russia', which I'm sure is quite a bit. Bannon may not be willing to risk lying about what he did/knows to Mueller, and Trump probably is aware of that.

So his only strategy here is to drum up a feud with Bannon, so that later on, he can claim to whoever's stupid enough to listen: 'Who told you that? STEVE BANNON! That Loser! I fired him! Didn't you see our feud ALL across the Media when the book came out!?! It was HUGE story, the HUGEST! And so everyone's saying he's just trying to TAKE ME DOWN, that LIAR!'

Trump is also braying about Bannon 'taking too much credit' because he knows Bannon WAS in fact instrumental in getting him into office ... and he did so ... by working w/Cambridge, and the Russians.

To whit: Bannon aided him by dispersing the DNC emails (stolen by Russians) via Wikileaks and Breitbart.

Additionally, we all know, Russians were targeting people catapulting the fake ads and stories and tweets (and trolls on message boards/forums) ... and they know who might be persuaded to back Trump, or Stein, or Write in Bernie Sanders, or just stay home cause everyone running ... sucks ... because Cambridge collected and analyzed the data to make the determination on who to spend money targeting (hence Mueller making Facebook provide data on who paid for what ads in 2016)

TRUTH: Bannon DID have a fcuk of a lot to do with getting Trump into office, but how he did it I bet you DOES involve Russia, and Bannon might just not be willing to do time for lying about it to Mueller (or he's trying to get less time for whatever illegal shit he did in general).

The more it is admitted that Bannon 'helped him win', the more it looks like Russia helped him win is the bottom-line.

SO, this is basically Trumps only play ... and it may just help Bannon out as well ... but Bannon likely knows he's already busted, so ... that aspect is less important than keeping Drumpf in office, and the CON agenda moving forward.
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