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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,715

Journal Archives

If this don't get ya up and dancin', you just might be dead ... Scissor Sisters - Paul McCartney

Don't ask me why it's called that ... maybe cause it's like the catchiest damn song ever ... and Paul was the master of those.

Though to be honest, I'd say it's the catchiest since, well, the hey-day of Erasure lol ...

is it the party that ain't over til it's thru?
is it the wiring that's suddenly a blown fuse?
is it a chemical that makes this moment true?
is it the music that connects me to you?

Anybody Else Save All Their Concert Tix From Their Life?

I've lost a few, or got in w/o tickets a few times paying off people to let me in, and of course been to many shows at clubs that were just 'pay at the door' so this is by no means every show I've been to, but these are probably 95% of the more major concerts I've been to.

I didn't feel like laying 'em all out so you could read every single one, and a lot of them are pretty faded due to the thermal paper, but you get a sense of the #'s here at least

Grant Lee Buffalo - Dixie Drug Store

It was muggy July around supper time
When I pulled into New Orleans
I got dropped off at South Rampart Street
I was hungry for a plate of greens

I made my way down the banquette
Where I could see an open door
And overhead a sign made of painted pine read
"The Dixie Drug Store"

Peppers and roots were hanging
From the rafters above
There were oils and sprays all on display
For money, luck, and for love

I reached down to pick one up
When a dark hand grabbed my arm
And before I could see just who it was
She said "You don't want that charm"

"The last man to walk that thing out of here
Just up and disappeared
Found his wallet and his wingtip shoes
Near a tombstone down in Algiers

No, what you need my travelling friend
Is a place to wash your jeans
And I wouldn't be the least surprised
If you were hungry for a plate of greens"

She beckoned me on up the stairs
For she'd done made up her mind
Said take off your hat and kick off your boots
And leave your pride behind

She took me down to a secret place
In the bayou of her blankets
She offered to share her bourbon
I thanked her ... then I drank it

Thru a small crack in the ceiling
Burst the Louisiana moon
It shone down on our bodies
And we began to croon

Like a couple of coyotes
We were howling thru the night
And I swear they were a beatin' those
Conga drums outside

We laughed until the mornin'
By then my pants had dried
I picked up my hat and pulled on my boots
And I gathered up my pride

I figured she had done stepped out
I didn't see her anywhere
And I set out to find her
I headed on downstairs

Got down to the bottom
I couldn't believe my eyes
Gone were all the bottles
And the remedy supplies

I shouted out for Marie
I darted out the door
An old man on the wooden porch said
"What you in there for?"

"Son you got no business
The hoodoo store's been closed
Long as I remember
A century ... I suppose ..."

"But, Mister I just spent the night
With a young gal named Laveau?!?"
He said "the Widow Paris
done had a little laugh on you!"

I said "You mean to tell me
that was the Voodooing?"
He nodded "Yes, none other ...
The Queen of New Orleans"

Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) Plays 'Band on the Run' at the White House for BHO Fam & Sir Paul

Imagine Dump ever, ever, EVEEEEERRRR having AAAAAAANYHING to do with AAAAAAANYTHING ... remotely this fucking cool.

Ya can't. Cause he never will. Cause he's a dick, who SUCKS in every way.

BTW, this completely kicks ass ... wish there was more of BHO and Paul, but ... hey ... still great ...

Stupid Good Performance from Midnight Special - Ambrosia - You're the Biggest Part of Me

This is an absolutely killer performance of an awesome song ... plus, this shit'll take ya BACK, man ... so, so good.

Sanford Townsend Band - "Smoke From A Distant Fire" (from Midnight Special .. you should watch this)

GREAT perf of a GREAT song ... wow.

This is what you call KILLING it. Tight as tight gets.

Really impressive.

Despite my near encyclopedic knowledge of 70's music I'm not sure I ever heard this track and never heard of the band, but if I did hear it, it was only was a few times on the radio when very young. Was just watching some TY and came across it and was floored. Dunno how this isn't more appreciated, as it's a very good song.

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