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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,608

Journal Archives

REM - Document - Disturbance at the Heron House (2017 Remaster)

Crank it up, y'all know you love this song

Live - Pillar of Davidson (live from RockPalast) ...

There was lots of hits from Throwing Copper, they spawned off of it for over a year circa 1994, and the whole record is awesome, used to play "I Alone" in my cover band that year ... but this was a overlooked classic album cut ...

RE: Cavanaugh ... ya know, I've known a lot of people who've abused drugs and alcohol ...

I might even be hanging out with one such person right at this very moment

And I'm here to tell ya ... my somewhat-professional opinion of what I just witnessed, in the form of "Judge Cavanaugh" and his performance on national (errr ... global) television ... in the form of his "rebuttal" ... is that I was watching someone who not only has a long-time alcohol problem, but also someone who had an extended period of abusing cocaine in their lifetime.

He probably no longer uses it (be hard to have achieved the level of professional success that he has, frankly), but I can almost guarantee you that he, at one time ... did. Copiously. And I mean ... for a WHILE. 7-10 years of heavy use during his 20's would be my best guess. I see the same signs of the damage I've seen in many friends of mine ... watching his performance today.

Go back and watch his rebuttal ... his face goes through a LOT of odd contortions. Not 'normal' looking stuff. A lot of it 'nose-related', if you watch closely.

I'd give anyone good odds, on a decent-sized bet ... that dude has not only abused booze for a long time, but also used to do a TON of blow, for awhile, at minimum ... when he was younger.

Cavs protestors were being paid? What is this BS?

I'm in the middle of arguing with the wingnut brigade on FB, and they're pulling this shit out on me ...

Protestors Being Paid - Business Insider

What say you, my fellow DU'ers?
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