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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,677

Journal Archives

trampled by turtles - the middle (live-kexp-2018) ... they should probably be paying jackson browne

Or maybe it's Bruce Hornsby (who often sounds like Jackson Browne come to think of it ...)

Anyways, melody-lifting notwithstanding, it's still a great performance of a very nice song ... perfect to get your Sunday AM started ...

destroyer - tinseltown swimming in blood (studio-2017) from the 'not what you imagined' songbook

Admit it, you were NOT expecting Canadian Roxy Music (with Al Stewart as the singer, plus the New Order Bass Player) ... or those groovy trumpet lines

tedeschi trucks band - part of me (acoustic-live-2013) everything about this song/vid ... is awesome

Fowl/Veggie Soup a day early ... question is ... to thicken, or not to thicken ...

Had a rotisserie chicken that only had a few days left so started soup this AM ... not doing anything for the day since my family isn't nearby and couldn't afford a trip ATM, so ... watching football ... final week of Fantasy, so ... a lot at stake in my league this weekend ... I'm in the Playoffs, but I need to win to get one of my brothers in

Whipped up veggie/chicken stock with celery tops, chicken bones, half-head of garlic, a whole shallot, pepper and coriander corns, bay leaves, a little bouillon ... for veggies I'm going carrot, celery, russets, yellow squash (all fresh of course) and some frozen corn and peas.

My question is ... who like to thicken a soup like this up with some flour, make it a little creamy (and more filling), and who likes it straight/clear?

lori mckenna - people get old (studio-2018) quite an affecting song ...

especially if you've lost someone close recently ...


bonnie raitt/john prine - angel from montgomery (live - last weekend at the ryman)

emmylou harris - boulder to birmingham (live-1977) a tribute to gram parsons

A stellar performance of a beautiful song ...

Songs you wish had been written for you ... a fun Saturday PM topic!

Thanks to Lady LakeArenal for the idea ...

Doesn't matter if it's 'in life' or 'sung at your funeral' or 'written by your daughter 10 years after you pass' ... whatever's clever.

I'll start out with this one ... just cause it's crazy romantic and sweet and I mean who WOULDN'T want this one written for them? Probably been 'our song' at like 100,000,000 weddings lol ... but this live performance is even better than the original ...

Skip to 2 mins if you don't care for the banter ... but it's not bad.

Forgotten Great from 1979 - $5 says you don't know the title, nor artist, but u know the tune

At least, if you're old enough to have listened to radio a lot circa 1979

Dig this track ... I could totally hear the Dead (with Jerry a'course) singing a cover ...

the jam - town called malice (studio-1982) there's 'catchy', and then there's 'you must dance now!'

This one ... would be the latter ... it don't get much more infectious than this classic ... friggin' bassist just KILLS it ...

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