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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,608

Journal Archives

No Matter How Bad The S**T Gets ... You Can Count on This Video To Make It A Bit Better ...

ELO - All Over The World - Flash Mob Version!

If this doesn't make us smile (and maybe cry a little, in a good way) ... well, then ... God Help Us All ... cause we're REALLY in a bad way.

On Edit ... some of the smaller mobs ... all over the world!

Sittin On the Dock of The Bay (Song Around The World)

Sometimes, you just need to watch some Global Love ...

Wow, not one MA Group Rec on my boy Shakey? Kay, tell me how this is even humanely possible?!?

I mean ... being this freaking badass? C'mon ...

tash sultana - blackbird (live-2016) them and their guitar ... destroying it

Tash is a phenom ... plays 10 instruments, btw ...

For my bruddah Glam the Americana Fan - Shakey Graves - Tiny Desk Concert

You gonna like ... maybe already do, but ... this dudes pretty much the man ...

shakey graves & esme - dearly departed (2014-live-sxsw) starts your AM off good

Song starts at around 1 min ... trust me this is gonna put a smile on your morning ... or I guess maybe a tear ... anyways, you'll get some feels

shakey graves & esme - dearly departed (2014-live-sxsw) - absolutely great new(er) artist

Check out pretty much anything of his on YT ... dude is freaking crazy talented ...

tash sultana (live-2018-california roots) prepare to be f***ing blown away ...not even kidding right

now ...

Check this sh*t out ...

Trumps Angle: Push the 'Fruit of a A Poison Tree' story as hard as he possibly can ...

The goal: Provide a semblance of justification for never releasing it to Congress and/or the American People.

I'ma tell ya right now, if we hear him trying to make this 'case' constantly over the upcoming weeks, then we can rest quite assured ... that what's in the Mueller Report ... is actually terrible for him.

And I suspect that's what's going to happen, and that's the angle he thinks he can work. Convince as many people as possible it was 'illegal' and 'corrupt' to begin with, and there's his justification to refuse to allow it's release.

He's been working this angle from the start, as a matter of fact. Expect it be publicly ramped up HEAVILY, with massive help from his new BFF Lindsey, and his old BFF Mitch.

He'll do all he can, however to stay in good with Mueller, saying things like 'it wasn't his fault he had to work this corrupt case, he just did his job!'. He'll start kissing his ass now, in hopes Mueller won't eventually snap and go public with what he knows.

We should start calling it Schrodinger's Report instead of Mueller's

After all, its text simultaneously exonerates Trump ...

AND terrifies him, should anyone actually read it.
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