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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,203

Journal Archives

justin townes earle - ahi esta mi nina (studio-2019) a duet of this song w/dad Steve would wreck me

May it one day come to pass ...

Oh mi Esmerelda, you's a sight for sore eyes
I'm just off the bus from Clinton, they put me out on (a bout?)
I'm on my way home to see mami now
Fancy meeting you along the way

Naw, don't go, ain't you got a minute for your old man
Let me buy you something to eat
Just a cup of coffee from a bodega
I was hoping we might get the chance to speak

There's so much I want to say to you
So much of which would just do no good
Like I will never ask you to forgive me
'Cause darling, I just don't think that you should

You're the only good I've ever done with my life
I've never done right by you
Might feel as though I owe you an explanation
But I think that you already know the truth

So I'll just say I'm sorry
But I know it's not as simple as that
I think you and I both know better
Than to think that we can do a thing about the past

So how 'bout that cup of coffee?
Give me a cigarette, I know you smoke
'Nuff about me, let's hear about this boy that you've been seeing
Baby, I think you'd be amazed by what all I know

I know you look just like your mother
When you look at me that way
You know that look, it never worked for your mother
So what makes you think it's gonna get you any place?

Ahi esta mi nina
You have such a pretty smile
Ahi esta mi nina
My only child

shakey graves w/shovels & rope - unknown legend (studio-2015) cover of a great Harvest Moon track

Great stuff ... two of my favorite current acts, covering one of my favorite records ...

reina del cid and toni - luckiest man (live-yesterday) a totally random surprise ...

the wood brothers - luckiest man (live in a stairwell, year ?) so good it brings a tear to one's eye

ericka wennerstrom - extraordinary love (studio-2018) soaring U2-like anthem from 40-ish front-woman

of Texas stalwarts Heartless Bastards, presently on hiatus ... the whole record is pretty dang good actually.

As always, I recommend LOUDNESS, but esp. for this one. Sounds really good loud, washing over you ...

Been so long out on the open road
I barely touched the ground
Blinded I was slowly floundering toward the sun

Maybe it was curiosity, a search for love, or identity
I didn't know just what I was looking for

And oh I climbed a mountain,
And I went down into the Jungle
To fill in the colors of my mind
And I drank a potion and there I saw my life in motion
And it was so clear for me to see

I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that always echoes through my mind
I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that only comes from withinside

When you’re living your life in constant motion remember to breathe
Feel the earth between your heels and toes and just breathe

I was always in such a hurry that my head would spin and the signs were blurry
Oh it was so hard for me to see

Oh and I was searching for a place to feel at home
A place where I could breathe
And oh I found that I needed to slow down
Then it was so clear for me to see

I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that always echoes through my mind
I want to feel extraordinary love
A love that only comes from withinside

wang chung - dancehall days - 12" remix version (studio-1984) so much better than the original ...

This was Senior Year right here, grooving out with friends in the Chevelle ... this slipped in perfect with the Talking Heads, Oingo Boingo, INXS, Adam Ant, Depeche, New Order ... on the way to the 18-and-up dance club ...

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real w/Lady Gaga - Find Yourself (studio-2017)

As many likely know, Willie's boy and his band were the backing band in the recent remake of A Star Is Born ... and some of the tunes were written by Lukas, and he was the musical director or some such for the project.

Pretty great tune ... Lukas is a damn talented cat in his own right. The whole 2017 record (from old CA stalwart label Fantasy Records) is pretty damn good. Features backing vocals from the ladies of another fave band of mine, Lucius, on lots of the tracks.

Black Crowes/Bob Weir/Tedeschi Trucks Band - Turn On Your Love Light (live-2013) UR Welcome Hippies!

destroyer - poor in love (studio-2009) if you have a nice sound system or headphones

this song sounds fucking FANTASTIC ... songs, and production like this, is what I buy nice gear for.

I mean it's a great song anyway, but the sound quality is superlative. This whole record is actually outstanding and highly rec'd.

(btw before you say it ... I know it sounds like Al Stewart )

Things about AZ that will never stop tripping me out ...

Been here 10 years (sadly) and there's stuff about the summers that will just never seem normal.

Went out just now for a vape, it's 11pm, still EASILY 100F out, but it's windy, the sky is covered with clouds, and the smell of fresh rain is on the air (though it's sadly not raining at my place).

It's just freakish here sometimes. It's not supposed to be 100 f***ing degrees, at 11pm, while also cloudy and raining.

I do dig the summer storms honestly it's probably my favorite part of this place, but ... it's the sheer weirdness that makes me dig 'em.
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