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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 25,608

Journal Archives

alicia keys & john mayer live in times square 2016 ... trust me it's awesome ...

honey i'd hate to lose you now ...

The playing in this song is freakin genius ... they were such badass musicians ... a great tune, too, with fantastic production ...

honey i been thinkin bout you ...

Dude toured as a trio w/Chris Robinson and Bob Weir in 2012 ... so ya know he's good

The Dylan is definitely strong in this song lol ...

Are You Alright?

Simply ... universal.

alvvays - archie, marry me

Such a good song ....

mama you've been on my mind ...

Hard to go wrong covering the Master ... and nailing it.

Not sure there was ever someone more captivating just standing there singing, strummin a telecaster plugged straight into an old fender twin ... than Jeff was.

He was magic.

Still miss him ...

Tried Marco's Pizza last night ...

I was gaming and time got away from me, it got late and I'z hungry and felt like pizza.

Gotta say, for a big franchise pizza joint, it was NOT BAD pie. I got a real basic meatball medium pizza (sauteed up some veggies to throw on top myself ... hate paying for high-margin toppings I have sitting in my fridge) but it was on special for 6.99 and it was pretty heavy and big for 6.99. LOTS of cheese, almost too much, but it tasted like good quality. It had a nice crust, and good sauce flavor, meatballs were good too.

And the $7.99 10 piece chicken nuggets (they're big nuggets) were pretty high quality as well and seemed minimally processed.

I could eat < half the pie and < half the nuggets and was stuffed. With delivery and good tip it came out to like $20. Not bad at all.

Delivery was pretty fast even though the guy at the store called me (nice touch) after I ordered and told me he was slammed and had only one driver ... he warned me it might be >1 hour but food came in just under an hour and everything was hot. They were out of salad though (which is the only reason I got the chicken), but at 10pm I guess that's understandable. The salads look good in the pics, and only I think $5.99 for a grilled chicken Caesar is NICE. So I'z disappointed on that front, but ... next time.

They also give free dipping sauces like ranch w/your pizza, unlike competitors.

Give it a solid 4.5/5 ... but that's FOR WHAT IT IS. They totally smoke Domino's and PoopTheJohn's. And don't even get me started on Pizza Hut ... worst pizza ever. Rather have Little Caesars given it's cheaper.

Friendly Reminder: October 1, 2020 coming fast, & if you wanna be allowed to Fly you'll need Real ID

This means ... you need a special Real-ID drivers license/ID card (or Passport works) issued by your State.

In my state, to get one of those, you have to bring (a Passport, or) an Official (Certified Copy from Issuing Authority, or an Original - Not sure if it has to be Long Form lol) Birth Certificate, an Official SS card, and 2 different recent bills w/your current addy (Utility+Bank Statement, that kinda thing) to the MVD (or 3rd-Party shop that does this sort of thing). Takes about 2 weeks get it and costs $25. Not too bad.

In the County of Alameda, CA, to get a Certified Copy of Birth Certificate, you have to send them a Notarized Application. It's $32 to get the copy, plus whatever notary fee you incur, usually only a few bucks. No idea what it costs elsewhere, that may be on the high side (safe bet). But now you're at $57. Not chump change for many, esp. on fixed incomes.

Here's why you should start dealing with this now, esp. if you don't have a LEGIT Birth Certificate already ... a metric f***ton of people DON'T HAVE proper ID to fly, relative to the number of people who DO fly. And most people procrastinate. All involved issuing authorities are expecting to get absolutely swamped as the date approaches.

BTW, a US Passport involves a lot more steps (of course includes the need for original/certified BC, that you need to SEND THEM, and they send it back later) and takes way longer to get (6-8 weeks on average). Getting the full-on book is like $145, but that lets you fly internationally. You can also get a card for I think $65, which will ONLY let you fly within the US, and be allowed back IN the US from like Canada, Mexico, and various nearby island nations.

I'm starting now, got my BC form filled out and made appt with Notary for tomorrow. Once the BC is in hand, nothing else sounds TOO arduous, I do have a legit SS card handy, so ...

I'm also looking into TSA Preboard. $85 for 5 years, no security lines ... I don't fly THAT much, but damn that sounds handy. You gotta be SQUEAKY clean though ... I'm wondering if that ONE single time I got busted for vaping in the plane bathroom is gonna sink me lol ...

Kinda wondering how screwed Undocumented People are going to end up from this ... I'd say there's a real chance their flying days are going to be over, sadly.

And I don't even wanna THINK about the upcoming GOP push for requiring REAL ID in order to vote ... I gotta believe those assholes will give it a shot.

Anyways, out of curiosity, what condition are you in for this situation?

sweet memories flashing very quickly by ... reminding me and giving me a reason why

Just a stone classic ...

I remember when I first got 2112 it took me like a month to flip the LP over cause I'z so freaking enamored with the epic on Side One ... I'd even read Anthem (yeah, Ayn Rand) recently for English class so immediately recognized the 'story line' of the song. It's actually quite less offensive than most Ayn Rand shit, IIRC.

Anyways, I remember flipping it over and being all ... WHOA ... these are good songs, too!

I'd be remiss if I didn't show some Rush love on my favorite forum, but I'm not going 'popular'

I'm going to go semi-obscure, but FUCKING GREAT ... since I saw this tour in '85, and it's my fave song on the CD, it seems apros-pos ...

Godspeed Professor, thanks so much for everything man ... you were the greatest rock drummer that ever was, and likely ever will be

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