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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,166

Journal Archives

So Monday Morning my Ballot was dropped in the Mail ...

It's marked as received on *Tuesday* on the Voting Website.

And it's approved, though I'm not sure what date that happened as I just checked today for the first time.

Now, as I've often pointed out, I live in what I call South Provo, Arizona, i.e. a VERY Red part of the Valley.

NOOOO problem with getting our ballots into the system via the Mail out my way, that's for sure.

It's funny that Trump and the Wingnuts think we're all gonna fall for the old ...


trick ... two elections in a row.

Trumpist at my door here in South Provo, Arizona just now ...

Paraphrasing what he said, but precisely what I said:

Kid: Hi sir I'm so and so and I'm working with Trump something something and we're out reminding people to turn in their ballots.

Me: Okay

Kid: So can I ask if you were planning to vote for Mango Mussolini?

Me (with a look of incredulity): OH FUCK NO! (then chuckling)

Kid: Okay I see ... so Biden then?

Me (with evident great pride): With GREAT PRIDE my friend!

Kid: Alright, so I guess you've already sent your ballot in then, like I say we're just out reminding people ...

Me: (Looking him at him sternly in the eye): First ... fucking ... day ... I could!

Kid: Okay well, thank you sir!

Me (with smarmy tone): Good luck out there! (closes door)

That was fun.

hello - new york groove (studio-1976) not sure you can be a whole lot more glam rock than this ;)

For my homey Glamrock ...

Graph of Stock Market (DJIA) Growth In Percentage By Last 4 Presidential Terms

Pretty obvious which party is better for the stock market, isn't it?

Note also that the growth that finally happened under Bush started in 2006 when Democrats took over both Houses. Course not even that could save the ship from sinking after Bush and the GOP ran the economy into an iceberg by failing to REGULATE much of anything.

My big worry on election day is some Trumpist(s) will commit violence at a polling place

They might try to dress/act like a Biden person, but it won't be.

If there were bad violence at a polling place early in the day, and it ended up all over the news all day long?

It gives Trump exactly the sort of excuse he's counting on to claim the whole thing was illegitimate. Even if it's one of his own people.

He will claim that the media scared 'everyone' from going and voting and that therefore he wants a do-over.

If this occurs to ME ... I'm very sure it would occur to many of his knuckle-dragging supporters if it looks like he's for sure going to lose by the time that day comes around.

I really, really pray (ya know, in the way that I do) that things are peaceful on Election Day. I'm honestly worried they won't be. I absolutely do not trust those people that support him.

julian lage - 233 butler (live-2017) this is pretty phenomenal ...

I highly recommend the entire album this song is from, called Gladwell.

STELLAR record if you like Jazz Guitar. And it's not 'smooth jazz' it's the real stuff

elderbrook - back to my bed (studio-2020) a fun one from last month ...

Definitely a cool 80's vibe ...

cherub - doses and mimosas (studio-2012) cause it sounds really good right about now ...

*** NSFW ***

Also if you're a b!tch-@ss h* prepare to be dissed (in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way). It's just how this song rolls. You've been warned ...

romy - lifetime (studio-1985 ooops I mean October 2020) fun little throwback tune ...

Sounds great really loud ... it'll take ya back to the dancefloor in the 80's in seconds

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