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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,203

Journal Archives

When Holyfield beat Tyson the first time, his speech after the fight was nauseating

I'd been cheering for Evander, it was a fantastic bout I watched with a bunch of friends, almost all Holyfield fans, we were all goin' nuts.

Then when he was interviewed after he won, it was a non-stop Praise Gawd Praise Jeebus My Lord In Heaven Strength in Jeebus blah blah blah.

It was nauseating.

You know what? I still like Evander Holyfield and think he's a great dude. I still much prefer him to Mike Tyson. As a man, he does not make me ill in any way.

But that particular speech?

Was pretty f***ing nauseating.

taj mahal & tedeschi/trucks band - leaving trunk (acoustic-2014) this is just cool to watch ...

Taj is a force of nature, man ...

Pretty sure his 1968 treatment of this old blues song 'inspired' Led Zeppelin when they constructed their cover of RoJo's Travellin' Riverside Blues ... and probably The Lemon Song as well ...

Great tune, and this is fun to watch ...

No No No ... Don't Pass Me By ... You See I Can See Good Things for You and I ...

A song to put a smile on your face ...

Well, this is a bit of a proud moment for Mr. L ...

Just found out about the UNESCO Heritage designation of the FLW-designed Hollyhock House in LA.

Why? Well, I'm a Judson. Not my last name, but I'm a descendant of the founders, and my grandfather (also a Stained Glass artist of some renown) started his career at the family studio. I think these were done about a decade before he started there, however.

Pretty cool stuff ...


A 1920's Judson piece in South Pasadena

Recent Judson Studio work in Kansas

avenged sevenfold - seize the day (studio-2006) i want that to happen at my funeral ...

This song is real good til the 3:00 mark ... then it gets freaking killer. Needs to be REALLY LOUD though.

Surprised this name hasn't come up that I've seen - how about VP Joseph Kennedy III?

The guys response to the SOTU in 2018 was excellent, he's fresh-faced/handsome (I mean ... let's face it he's pretty hot ) relatively moderate, and ... is a Kennedy.

Wonder if he'd take the offer?

Warren couldn't pick him but anyone else could ...

I know ... two white guys (potentially), BUT ... he is fluent in Spanish and did a stint in the Peace Corps in Dominican Republic. And I would think the Kennedy name is respected among the AA community.

new order - the perfect kiss (studio-1985) to complete the triumvirate of 80's synth

We've all heard Blue Monday and Bizarre Love Triangle enough times ... so ... an equally great song, but less overplayed

erasure - stop!/drama/chains of love (studio - 80's) an epic trio of singles ;)

Figured we needed the genius Vince Clark's main band up in here ...

And seriously, it's not possible to write a catchier song than this, I don't what care what anyone says ... if you don't like this song, something is broken

depeche mode - new life (studio-1981) cuz if we're doing early 80's synth 2nite

Finally going to R&R HoF this year ... well-deserved ...

I received two pieces of mail this week Welcoming me to my New Home, with coupons ...

Only, dig this ... my name ain't Cathy.

And I've owned this home for 5+ years.

The address was indeed mine.

And none of my nearby neighbors have changed lately either TTBOMK.

They're just like random stuff like BB&B and Ashley's, nothing official.

My credit report is fine, checked that first thing.

Thing is I've only seen this like 3 times since I've been here, now two in one week, addressed to the same Cathy person.

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