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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:51 AM
Number of posts: 26,130

Journal Archives

ray lamontagne - strong enough (studio - 2 months ago) awesome new tune ...

michael franti & spearhead - i got you (studio-2020) turn it up baby!

phoebe bridgers - kyoto (studio-2020) her new album is awesome ...

As is to be expected ... I me some Phoebe B ...

Bonus awesome track from her last solo record in 2017

nancy wilson & cannonball adderley quartet - the nearness of you (studio-late 50's)

Great song to go to bed by, or to wake up to ...

matt rollings, willie nelson, lyle lovett, more - that lucky old sun (2 days ago)

Link to the vid on the this page along w/a little info ...


the gaslight anthem - 45 (studio-2012) some sturdy rock and roll right here!

the hold steady - stuck between stations (studio-2006) if you like The Boss ...

you oughta dig The Hold Steady

At this point I think it would be better if protesters simply ignore the Federal Court building

I think it's time to protest somewhere else. It's a big city.

Leave the Feds to stand around and pick their asses.

At this point, they're giving Trump EXACTLY what he wants.

Which is footage of people attacking the Federal officers, and general violent-looking images.

Even though they absolutely should NOT be there in the first place, I don't think that's the more important matter here.

It wouldn't matter if they're there ... if everyone else is simply ... elsewhere. Continue fighting to be rid of them through the proper channels, by all means. But otherwise ... ignore them.


The most obvious way to be able to reopen nearly everything safely ...

INSTANT RESULT TESTS (and of course mandatory tests for everyone entering).

Do they exist?

If so, why are they not EVERYWHERE right now?

If not, there should be a massive scale effort to develop and deploy them, don't you think?

Is there one?

Have any of the protesters who were kidnapped spoken publicly/been on the news?

Because I don't personally know of any, I'm starting to develop some wacky theories like 'they're all still being held' and 'maybe they're actually all plants' ...

But the one theory I have that really ISN'T paranoid?

Forcing the people to sign NDA's as a condition of release.

Full of language like 'National Security' and 'Felony', etc.

That would be very par for the course, wouldn't it?
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