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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Somewhere near the Nations Capital
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,604

About Me

I am the Whistleblower.

Journal Archives

Neil Tyson on the Danger of Science Deniers


Andrew Sullivan: "A Huge Mistake"

Of course for Chuck Todd; its' always business as usual

Bulletin from 35 Psychiatrists meeting at Yale:

Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference

Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'

Donald Trump has a “dangerous mental illness” and is not fit to lead the US, a group of psychiatrists has warned during a conference at Yale University.

Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.


Our Sick president has us joking about Nuclear War.


Why is Nuclear War not funny? Stick your head into a 900 degree oven. Thats why.

Nightmare of Deplorable Nightmares

This happened today:

Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent in the Oval Office with Trump. Deplorable.

The State of the Union- with Bill Maher

Trump supporters: More Clueless than you ever knew:

When trump leaves the Earth a Dead Cinder; relax; we'll still have this record:

We'll have the Voyager Phonographic Record

Just to be clear: It was CNN's Jeff Zucker who gave us Donald Trump

Zucker also helped create the 'Apprentice"

When Civilization goes up in Flames we can thank him

Maxine: The President is Contemptible.....

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