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Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Somewhere near the Nations Capital
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,604

About Me

I am the Whistleblower.

Journal Archives

Bring back the "good old days of 1913 "

These trump supporters are simply Inexcusably Ignorant

Foul Corrupt Presidents can indeed be driven from Office

By good reporters doing good reporting

The Toddler Psychopath in the White House

Holocaust Survivor confronts trumps ICE director

Michio Kaku on the sad state of U.S. Science

Maxine Waters irks Bill O'Liely into racist barbs

The Daily Show chronicles trumps continuing campaign rallies

Just like a dictator; keep the crowds pumped


Trump has great Con Man Skills; and with a crowd this low information; he can be king; cause its too easy to fool them all when they are dumb like dirt.

How do you reach these morons?????

President Golf wants to "work his ass off"

Actually; he should work off a little of his ass.

60 Minutes on "Fake News"

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