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Buckeyeblue's Journal
Buckeyeblue's Journal
December 20, 2020

Could Trump's current level of support reflect the lack of real pushback from Democrats?

Did we do enough over the last 4 years? I know we had a lot of strong condemning statements. We took back the House in 2018. But did we really do enough?

In a month in a half Republicans have shown more pushback against Biden than we did in 4 years of Trump. Granted, it's half-assed and stupid. But it's out there for their supporters to see.

Why didn't we pass and continue to pass multiple articles of impeachment? Why didn't we question his legitimacy? Why didn't we point out that he was ruling against a majority of the people everyday?

The House could have shut down the government.

We could have protested harder. From day 1 of his presidency.

Even now, we seem content to let the clock run out and hope nothing bad happens.

We shouldn't be negotiating with covid relief. We should demand the original bill get a senate vote. And our leaders should be on tv 24/7, running ads about how Republicans want us to starve. But we aren't. We are letting Republicans get away with a watered down bill that does little to nothing of substance.

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