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Member since: Thu Feb 9, 2017, 01:31 PM
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Ben Crump @AttorneyCrump: This racist woman HARASSED Philip Evans, an innocent Black man,



Ahmaud Arbery Case: Men Accused Of Killing Have Racist Past On Social Media

The state wants social media posts introduced as evidence.

Published 7 hours ago
Written by BET Staff

While the men accused of killing Ahamud Arbery are awaiting trial, their past is coming back to haunt them. The state of Georgia is asking for their racist history on social media to be introduced as evidence.

Gregory and Travis McMichael, the father and son who followed Arbery while jogging in Brunswick, Ga., have been charged with murder and aggravated assault. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a recent court filing claims that Travis McMichael posted a “racial highway video Facebook post,” “a Racial Johnny Rebel Facebook post” and sent a racial text message in 2019.

His father reportedly posted a “Identity Dixie Facebook post” and “Racial Johnny Rebel Facebook post.”

William Bryan, who followed them and recorded the incident, is charged with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment charges. He also faces possible hate crime charges and is currently under investigation for sex crimes. The state wants to “introduce unspecified racist messages extracted from Bryan’s cell phone. At a bond hearing in July, lead prosecutor Jesse Evans said Bryan repeatedly used the n-word in texts that contain ‘a ton of filth.’”


Joe Biden @JoeBiden : Folks, if you live in:


VOTE 2020

The Supreme Court turned away Kim Davis' case, but Thomas (joined by Alito)



Fiona Whelan Prine : I wish I could just have visited with @JohnPrineMusic in the hospital


Amazon near tipping point of switching from rainforest to savannah - study

Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent

Mon 5 Oct 2020

Much of the Amazon could be on the verge of losing its distinct nature and switching from a closed canopy rainforest to an open savannah with far fewer trees as a result of the climate crisis, researchers have warned.

Rainforests are highly sensitive to changes in rainfall and moisture levels, and fires and prolonged droughts can result in areas losing trees and shifting to a savannah-like mix of woodland and grassland. In the Amazon, such changes were known to be possible but thought to be many decades away.

New research shows that this tipping point could be much closer than previously thought. As much as 40% of the existing Amazon rainforest is now at a point where it could exist as a savannah instead of as rainforest, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.

Any shift from rainforest to savannah would still take decades to take full effect, but once under way the process is hard to reverse. Rainforests support a vastly greater range of species than savannah and play a much greater role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Parts of the Amazon are receiving much less rain than they used to because of the changing climate. Rainfall in about 40% of the forest is now at a level where the rainforest could be expected to exist as savannah instead, according to the study, led by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, based on computer models and data analysis.


Jeffrey Levin @jilevin: Do you know the difference between "social progress" and "socialism"?


Note@ 1952 by a smart individual.

Matthew Chapman@fawfulfan: Jesus. Ron Johnson got his #COVID19 results while on his way to an Ozauke


After testing positive for COVID-19, U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson said his view on mask mandates hasn’t changed, as Wisconsin Republican leaders have voiced their support for striking down the state’s order requiring face coverings be worn.

The Oshkosh Republican, who announced Saturday morning he had tested positive for the virus the previous day, instead touted “individual responsibility,” saying while he believes masks can help mitigate the risk, they’re “certainly not a cure-all.”

Johnson, who is at least the third Republican U.S. senator to have contracted the coronavirus recently, said he was tested on his way to the Ozaukee County Republican Party Oktoberfest Dinner in Mequon on Friday night.

Wisconsin officials warn of dire COVID-19 scenario as cases spike, flu season nears
But he still attended the event, saying he wore his mask until he spoke and stayed "at least 12 feet from anybody as [he was] speaking." He said he quickly left the dinner after his remarks.

Asked whether he was told to self-quarantine after getting tested, Johnson said there was “no reason to do so.”

“I’m not sick,” he said. “I have no symptoms. I certainly didn’t anticipate testing positive, so there was no reason to quarantine.”

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends those who are tested should isolate at home pending results, as well as follow the advice of one’s health care provider.

The latest news comes after a tumultuous week in which President Donald Trump, who had planned two campaign rallies in Wisconsin this weekend, tested positive for COVID-19 and was hospitalized. But at the state level, top Republicans who control the Legislature filed a motion backing a lawsuit that aims to get rid of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers' statewide mask mandate, which expires Nov. 21.

Conservative firm seeks to overturn latest public health declaration, Wisconsin mask mandate
COVID-19 cases are surging in Wisconsin, with the state breaking daily records for new cases and deaths in recent days.

Johnson, who said he's not experiencing any symptoms and has not received any medical treatment tied to his diagnosis, also seemed unconcerned about how he was exposed to the virus, saying he suspected it originated from his chief of staff last month.

“I don’t blame anybody for this. We have a pandemic with a contagious disease,” he said, adding later: “To me, I don’t care where I might have got it from.”

Johnson said he got tested after hearing on a conference call Friday that fellow Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah contracted the virus.

Despite the cases, Johnson said he believed Republican senators are “doing a pretty good job” of taking the pandemic seriously, noting that people are wearing masks inside and “definitely doing the social distancing.”

“I’ll let other people convey their judgments in terms of ‘Have we done a good enough job?’ but I think we’re being responsible. I believe I certainly have been,” he said.


The party that will spread Covid -19 that can kill you, the party that will destroy unions, what's left of them, the party that will destroy the ACA. But yea, wish them well when they're sick.

Trump's America:Unprecedented:ICE is launching billboards in Pennsylvania with faces of immigrants


FUCK Trump.

Biden/Harris 2020

GOP Wingnut Can't Understand Why Republicans Keep Getting COVID-19

( These people are hopeless. )

DeAnna Lorraine wonders, "Does anyone else find it odd that no prominent Democrats have had the virus but the list of Republicans goes on and on?"

By Ed Scarce

DeAnna Lorraine is a conservative nutjob who ran in Nancy Pelosi's district this year and finished with 3.4% of the vote. Apparently, her brand of the crazy was not that compelling in CA-12. A few weeks ago she opined, "We need more young people like Kyle Rittenhouse and less like Greta Thunberg."

Jeez, I wonder why so many Republicans keep getting infected with COVID-19. I can't think of any reason for it, can you?

former GOP congressional candidate in California has claimed that the Democrats deliberately infected President Donald Trump with COVID when the microphone and podium were set up for the president at Tuesday's presidential debate.

DeAnna Lorraine, who is also conservative commentator, tweeted her statement providing no evidence to support her claims on early Friday morning.

The president announced that he and first lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus on Thursday evening and would sequester themselves in the White House.

Both were tested after Trump confirmed that Hope Hicks, a top aide who travelled with Trump to numerous events this week including the presidential debate, had a positive result in her test for the illness.

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