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Susan Calvin

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Member since: Sat Feb 11, 2017, 12:00 PM
Number of posts: 1,555

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I just got a letter from the VA.

I'm not under any kind of care from them, Medicare and Tricare do just fine, but apparently I was potentially exposed to something or another on Guam. Oh wait a minute, Agent Orange it says. The letter says if you're under VA care you should get a screening, but I am not under VA care. Does anybody happen to know what you should do if you are not under VA care? You'd think the letter would have said, since it went to at least one person who is not under VA care, namely me.

If your modem / router starts losing signal strength

Does that mean it's getting ready to die?

Weird thing happened on Galaxy A51 Android.

I did a virus scan immediately after the weird thing and it says everything's fine, but it was weird and I wish I could be sure everything's fine and I'd like to know what the heck caused it. Maybe this has happened to somebody else?

I saw a notification that said something along the lines of play Royal Match, which was odd because I have almost all notifications turned off. I thought it might be from the latest game I installed, seeing as how they are so incestuous with promoting each other, and I looked at that one intending to turn off notifications, but it said no permissions given or required.

Then I foolishly clicked on it and some website or something that I foolishly forgot the name of opened. I closed immediately, of course. However, it was too late. From my point of view anyway. The notification area started showing a download, which I tried to cancel but it wouldn't, and then it said installing. Oh great, I thought.

While it was supposedly installing, I deleted the Royal Match that was already installed, and it did not show up again. Since the notification was showing it as a download, I looked for something that might have shown up in downloads and new files, but there was nothing new since several days ago.

I checked apps to see if Royal Match had shown up again, or if anything new had shown up. Nothing.

So, anyway, I ran a scan with Bit Defender which said everything was fine. Being paranoid, I'm going to download some other security apps and run them.

If anything like this has ever happened to you, or if you've heard about a thing like this and have an idea as to what the heck it is and how worried I should be, I would appreciate any information or speculation..

Question regarding home gyms.

I'm considering buying a strength training one to save the time going back and forth to the gym, having discovered that there are some things I will do at home, like Zoom classes with a good instructor, and I think doing strength training with a machine may be another thing that I might be able to bring myself to do at home. (I already know cardio equipment at home is a no-go - I just won't use it. Won't use individual strength training equipment either, except with a live class, but I think I might use a machine.)

From the research I've done so far, Bowflex doesn't look like a good idea. So it's between one with a weight stack and Total Gym. I'm interested in opinions, if you would be so kind, as to which one someone who will go through the machines on the 30 minute circuit at the gym would be most likely to use, and which one is the easiest to switch between exercises, as convenience is another thing that might cause me to be more likely to use it.

Any recommendations on brands and models also appreciated. I'm hoping to keep it in the hundreds rather than the thousands as far as cost, since I think I would use it but cannot be sure until the thing is sitting there.


Save the Texas Observer.


They blew past their 100,000 goal last night and raised it to $200,000. The GoFundMe also has a lengthy explanation of what went on, which is basically the board pulled the plug with no notice and no discussion, effective virtually immediately. I would sure like to know more about that decision. Which might still be reversed, and raising a whole bunch of money can't hurt.


Previous discussion.

I just got put on this thing with my cardiologist, with a great big blurb about how great it is. I have been searching for more negative information on it than was in the post above, but all I've been able to find is various organizations touting how great it is. Has anybody else found any critical articles about it?

Samsung A51 issue.

Samsung's latest update removed my Google keyboard and voice recognition and substituted its own. Its own stinks and I can't get Google back. I've tried every setting known to man and every search known to man and have had no luck so far. I get no choice on the keyboard and voice input. It is Samsung or nothing. I can't believe the Google isn't still lurking there somewhere, but I cannot find it.

I don't pay that much attention to football, so I did not know this.

The NFL was not going to stop the game. I would say unbelievable, but I totally believe this disgusting fact.

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