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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 3,363

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10-12 Moderate Dems want Censure over Impeachment


Censure is pathetic. It's a slap on the wrist that tells Dictator Donny, "You were a bad boy. Don't do it again or you get timeout!" This will also give Republicans strong talking points that even Dems weren't united against Trump.

When even some Democrats refuse to uphold the Constitution, this country is absolutely doomed. I have no optimism or hope for this country. We are heading into dictatorship territory. If I had the means, I'd be moving out of this country immediately.

Mike Huckabee implicated with Lev and Igor



Every single person associated with the Republican party is complicit in the largest criminal conspiracy in history.

Denny Heck is retiring?!

Chris Hayes just mentioned it. Rep. Heck is so fed up with Republicans he's quitting. Wow that's horrible.

Trump plans to cut funding to NATO


Another win for Putin. The US really is controlled by Russia now. I don't think we can survive until 2020 elections at this rate.

Thoughts on joining Healthcare Exchange

Looking for some advice. I have a healthcare plan that's pretty decent overall, but has gotten insanely expensive. Over $400 a month premiums now, and I'm a millennial. This plan isn't part of the ACA, it was an older plan grandfathered in.

I can get a plan on the healthcare exchange for less than $200 a month. The downside is, it's an HMO instead of PPO that I have now, and it has higher max out of pocket costs (although it's a lower deductible.)

Is it worth moving onto the exchange if I can get a cheaper premium? I've had my current plan so long it makes me nervous to jump into the ACA options, but over 400 a month is a lot and goes up every year.

Andrew Weissman on Rachel right now.

He said every piece of evidence in the impeachment inquiry fits, and the evidence keeps building. He said there is no counter narrative, and all the evidence points to one thing: Trump is guilty of high crimes.

New CNN poll on impeachment.


Basically the impeachment hearings had no effect. Half the country still doesn't care that Trump committed high crimes and betrayed America. 50% is not enough to get Republicans to turn on Trump in the Senate.

Trump having lunch with several Republican Senators.


Sounds like Jury tampering.

A picture of just how bad today was for Trump and the GOP:


Very bad news. Menashi was confirmed by evil Republicans.

The American Bar Association said he was unqualified to be a judge. He's never tried a court case in his life. He doesn't believe women or minorities should have equal rights. He's involved in a criminal scandal related to DeVos.

And by a 51-41 vote (all Republicans but Collins voting in favor), he now sits on the 2nd Circuit of Appeals for life and has tilted the power of the court to Republicans.

Our Judiciary is completely destroyed for the rest of most of our lives.

I honestly do not believe America can be fixed at this point. I think this country will be an authoritarian dictatorship within the next few years.
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