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Member since: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 11:01 AM
Number of posts: 3,363

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Lou Dobbs called for the "SOB Mueller" to be fired immediately.

That pathetic demon isn't worthy to shine Mueller's shoes, yet he has the audacity to say he's out of control and demands his firing.

Can we start boycotting Lou Dobbs? I'm so sick of these evil people getting away with this nonsense. Fox and everyone on there needs to be shut down.

Anyone pick this up on Rachel tonight?

I'm watching the re-run of Rachel since I wasn't home earlier.

She talked about the court filing that came out late last night giving Mueller authority to investigate Manafort's Ukraine ties.

She mentioned on page 42 of the filing, it seems to indicate that the prosecutors on Muellers team are actually independent and work through other divisions including FARA and Tax division and that if Mueller got fired, his team of prosecutors would continue the investigation.

In other words, Trump firing Mueller still won't shut down this investigation.

That sounds promising, although I'm still concerned Trump will get away with this due to not being able to be indicted.

Fox News is now involved in Oval Office Meetings


Nothing should surprise us anymore, but crap like this just infuriates me to no end. Republicans are still going after Hillary over her emails, but they have no issue with Fox pundits listening in to top secret calls in the Oval Office?

This is such an enormous threat to national security. Has anyone contacted their Congress members and chewed them out over this? This alone is grounds for impeachment.

Ugh, I'm raging and so upset right now that all this crap is happening and Republicans just don't care. Voting them out isn't enough, this is criminal behavior. I want them ALL arrested and locked up or executed for crimes against America.

I'm so tired of being powerless and just having to sit here, waiting for November, hoping the rest of the country gets off their butts and stops this.

Sessions appointed Prosecutor to investigate FBI

Anyone been following this? The House GOP, particularly people like Mark Meadows have been demanding Sessions appoint a 2nd Special Counsel to investigate the FBI's corruption over the Clinton emails. Stopping short of an SC, he appointed a Utah prosecutor with most of the same powers of a Special Counsel.

Aside from how infuriating it is that they're still going after her over that, it concerns me that they're trying to destroy the credibility of the FBI to protect themselves and Trump from Mueller.

Any reassuring thoughts here? I don't like a rogue prosecutor going after the FBI in order to cover-up the GOP crimes and shut down Mueller.

Trump already lying in Ohio

He just told his audience that he's started building the wall already.

Which is patently false, no funding has approved the wall.

Why is Trump's approval going up?

42% approval, 54% disapprove. His highest numbers yet. He's been an epic catastrophe. What the heck is wrong with almost half of this country?

Rick Saccone Concedes to Conor Lamb!

Well, it's official.


Congrats to Rep. Conor Lamb.

SHS Briefing

Sarah is really struggling with these responses. She's trying to bend everything and is having a hard time answering.

Meanwhile, these reporters are so weak. They give softball questions and just let her BS responses go without push back.

Why does Trump get such an easy pass?

This phenomenon is truly mind blowing to me. Is the man actually the Anti-Christ and has some mystical sway over people?

Erin Burnett on CNN said that "if Trump solves the North Korea issue, he will go down as a great president, no doubt about it."

Even if he helped with the NK situation which is a very big if, how does that excuse the million other crimes, lies, and corruption he's guilty of? How does one good thing wipe clean all the horrible things?

He's not in office legitimately. He can never be viewed as good, no matter what he does.

I'm so fed up with people letting him off the hook for everything, including the so called left-wing media.

Dems Introduce "Assault" Weapons Ban


Lots of people saying this is a terrible idea 7 months before mid-terms and this will energize the right, destroying any hope of a Blue Wave.

Good idea, or terrible idea? Are we screwing ourselves over again?
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