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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Chicago
Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 06:21 PM
Number of posts: 1,549

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Multi-millionaire televangelist Kenneth Copeland is evil. OK you knew that, but wait there's more.


Wez nails it.

When the kindergarten closes ...

Won't link to the SOB's tweet, but ...

Guess who is taking credit every time the stock market goes up again after going down?

Stupid Republican tricks

Democratic Party's donkey symbol replaced by a rat in Google search

As we approach the 2020 U.S. presidential election, more and more Americans are turning to Google with important questions about politicians and policies. And, as of the time of this writing, if one of those questions involves looking up the term "Democratic Party" on the popular search engine, then those Americans would be led to believe that the party's symbol is that of a rat.

Like, literally a rat. The Democratic Party's symbol is, of course, a donkey. You would be forgiven for thinking otherwise, however, if you came across Google's so-called Knowledge Panel which, on Monday afternoon, displayed a multicolored rodent in all its red-white-and-blue glory.

For the unfamiliar, the Knowledge Panel is an information box sitting on the right side of search results and, according to Google, is "meant to help you get a quick snapshot of information on a topic based on Google's understanding of available content on the web."


When reached for comment, a Google spokesperson suggested that if only the Democratic Party had taken the time to claim its Knowledge Panel then we wouldn't be in this mess.

"Most images in Knowledge Panels are automatically generated from pages on the web," wrote the spokesperson over email. "When errors are reported, we fix them quickly. We encourage people and organizations to claim their Knowledge Panels, which allows them to select a representative image."

That's right, in Google's mind, the fault lies anywhere but at home. Notably, even after we heard back from Google, the incorrect image remained on the site.


However I just checked and it's fixed now.

Oregon police department asks public not to call 911 if they run out of toilet paper

Oregon police department asks public not to call 911 if they run out of toilet paper

NEWPORT, Ore. (KMTR) — The Newport Oregon Police Department is notifying the public that they are not to call the emergency line simply because they ran out of toilet paper. ...

Lucifer's Hammer (novel)

I read it when it came out back in the 1970s.

It's set in the future. IIRC about the year 2000 or so.
A comet is spotted heading toward Earth, panic ensues.
The comet hits Earth about halfway through the story.
The comet doesn't do anywhere near as much damage as feared, but civilization has already collapsed from the panic.
The rest of the book is about people picking up the pieces as best they can sort of along the lines of the later book The Postman.

I thought of it recently for some reason.

Everything a foreigner needs to know to become a soldier in the Russian Armed Forces

I swear I'm not shilling for them.

What is positively fascinating is how easy it has become. Almost like the French Foreign Legion.

Everything a foreigner needs to know to become a soldier in the Russian Armed Forces

To put it simple: you'll need to be a good and strong person with no legal issues back home.

In 2015, Russian president Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing any foreign citizens to join the country’s Armed Forces


Kenneth Copeland -- Total Evil bastard (as usual)


"Never Biden" movement needs to be denounced

Just now taking form.

Take it from this Bernie Bro. Don't fall for it.

If you really want to read about it in detail, easy to find but I won't link.
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