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Profile Information

Name: Christian
Gender: Male
Hometown: Nashville TN
Member since: Sat Feb 25, 2017, 06:29 PM
Number of posts: 491

Journal Archives

I swear, maybe Rtrump thought this

Just went to my first LGBTQ Festival

One of my LGBTQ friends took me to the Pride Week Festival this afternoon in downtown Nashville. There were a ton of people there and I was surprised to see a bunch of progressive churches there. C.C Peniston was in concert there.

I had a great time and it was so good to see people be open about who they are. I remember the AIDS Epidemic and when being LGBTQ would get you killed in a heart-beat.

Remember what happened last time to Representatives

who changed healthcare in 2010. They got kicked to the curb.

If I were Schumer

I would promise not to run anyone against any Repub Senators who vote AGAINST the ACHA. Let the Dumpster Fire supporters get "Liebermanned".

CBS Evening News leading with the Carrier Story

Watch him drop to low 30's now. THIS is what his supporters care about.

Seniors already being forced to pay Medicare Premiums

I work in Senior and Disabled Section-8 housing. In the last 2 months, several people who did not have to pay medicare premiums because they are low-income are now being forced to do so. I always tell them who is to blame. They are regretting their votes already.

We didn't win ANY Special Elections in 2005 either

The worm is starting to turn. It took this nation almost 6 years to be this disgusted with Bush 2. I predict around 20 seats picked up by Dems in 2018 if things continue as they are.

Remember, 20% of Repub voters in 2016

voted for the Dem in the GA-06 race. We need to quit being so negative. There was little chance we were going to win this race and until Trump reaches about 30% popularity, districts this red will be out of our reach.

This 2005 article should give us hope


Handel kept the dumpster fire at arms length. If he hits 31%, the Repubs are screwn.

We just need 5% more vote share!!!

And we will take back the house in 2018.
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