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Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

Journal Archives

Sen.AL Franken on Tavis Smiley Show..NOW!

Love boff 'em!

Last night, bawled my eyes out, all night..

This craziness, ain't this a SHAME in this World!

A DU-er posted a lil Cat Stevens, & it messed me UP ALL thru the night, I listened to Cat Stevens❤, Allman Brothers 💖 Eagles...
I sang, danced my ASS off, & cried my Heart out..into the wee hours.

Those righteous old songs..
I felt I time -traveled. Back to the days of being totally PIST & READY to fight for DEMOCRACY.

& then, on npr or cspan,

Not able to post her speech, but PLEASE. FIND IT.

SHE Blessed me.
Listen/watch.. I KNOW she will slap a Blessing on YOU, too.💖

Thank You for Your response.

Trying to watch the concert was torture. & I watch it EVERY year. Just felt like an insult, hypocritical, as if they were laughing at US, & our Loved Ones, tonight.
I have always been a PATRIOT & a Pacifist. My worst nightmare was having my only "child" enlisted, to fight an illegal, immoral war.

Blessings on Your Relatives, right now.
Thank YOU for understanding the pain of this night.
KNOW it ain't over.
The weirdos do not deserve the Gooodness of America. & WE will overcome.


PBS 1 & 2.

Every Veterans Day, Every Memorial Day, I struggle with triggers, ptsd.
I am only the mother of an OIF VETERAN.
I often say, I am lucky & BLESSED,
my only "child" is HOME, and OUT,
whole, healthy and strong..

Mine, has "survivors guilt".
Me, I will never forgive, never forget.
WE are lucky & Blessed.

& as awful as my struggle is tonight..
it's nothing compared to those who paid with their Lives. Or their Loved Ones.

& SO much suffering & loss, for the likes of bannon, trump, etc? ??
This is a rough one.
Bless us. ALL. Without exception. aho.❤

Y'all see Maxine Waters on AMJoy, today?

I watched on you tube.. she was fandamtastic!!
Joy asked why so many Dems are resistant to using the "I" word, Maxine said, "I DON'T CARE what anybody else says!" & continued with (paraphrase) "we already know enough right NOW, to impeach him"!!!
Dang. I Love that Woman.

Memorial Day weekend 2017, Saturday night..

PBS, watching "American War Stories : Vietnam"

I raised my only "child" to be a PATRIOT.
& to respect the SERVICE of Vietnam Veterans.
I have always been a Pacifist.
My Son enlisted, after September 11th,
was deployed to Iraq.
His Mama didn't sleep for 3 years.
She nearly lost her Mind.

I am lucky & Blessed.. MY Son came HOME,
& got OUT.. WHOLE, healthy and strong.
Thanks God.

I will never forget..or forgive..
when our Country sent Our Sons & Daughters
to war, through lies & deception.
Thank YOU, Vets. We *ARE* Family.
I Love Y'all.

Afternoon KICK!

Thanks again!

No cable here, sporadic wifi, whuts up..

Caught a minute of Rachel, & she's feeling puny. awww!Bless!
What's going on, on Lib cable tonight, after a CRAZY trump-rusky-republiker day??

BEARS EARS MONUMENT, public comment deadline, tonight.

With so much happening tonight, just a reminder.
One of Obama's final actions as President, was to preserve & protect the Sacred Land in Utah.

Wrecking Pres.Obama's legacy is 1 of trump-rusky-republikers' highest priorities.

Please contact Sec.Zinke & tell him to preserve Bears Ears Monument.

Easy form at www.LCV.org. (League of Conservation Voters)💖

Tonight is the "deadline for public comment".
..though I am pretty sure the People will continue to SPEAK OUT.
Thanks Y'all.

Goood Vibes thread for Montana now

For Montana Dems, especially,
but ALL of Montana.
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