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Hometown: South of Texas
Member since: Sun Mar 5, 2017, 10:33 PM
Number of posts: 1,852

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BEST trump description EVER!

Can't post the wsj article, Peggy Noonan tears him a new one. Among other things, THIS:
"mad, blubbery petulance" !!!

Ugh. Twitter guidance pleeeeez

I'm new on the twitter machine, been bumbling around on there nearly a week.
Had some fun, learned a lot, had nearly 1000 followers (?), what I really enJOYed is following folks *I* admire/respect/LOVE ..
somehow, I logged out, & can't get back on. Can't find my original username or password, tried to start a new account, & it's using my real life name. Tried changing it, hiding it, something, now it's telling me I have tried too many times, try again later.
Like the twitter machine is frustrated with ME! ?!
he'p me, summmbuddy!

PSA, Y'ALL! trump is *71 years old*!

& I am really sick of hearing trump is going to meet with pooty this week, for the 1st frickin time.
"Fake freakin news!!!"
Let's git our dang facts straight. Dang it!!!
Thank YOU for Your attention to these matters.
Dang it.

*i needa hugggg*

Thank You, excellent post.

I am having trouble with it all, not to mention my own rl problems.
I need to maintain BALANCE...
ME Time: meditation & prayer, Nature, Family & Friends. Rest & ReCreation. FUN.

Material stuff: Work that is MeaningFULL & pays the bills. Enough $ to give to Others.

Time & Energy to stand UP for Justice & PEACE & the best ideals of America. To make a positive difference in People's LIVES, every day.

Every day...WE do what we can.
Some days we do goood.
Some days SUCK.
Some days are awwwwwsome.

I LOVE this,too!!!

Can You post on the twitter machine?

Saw it (again!) last night! 💖

Isn't it Wonder FULL?!? Really inspires me, thinking of OUR history, the sacrifices, the goood & the negative.. & reminds me of WHY *WE* must demand the BEST of OurSelves & OUR Country.

Today, now! ..watching
Tell me the TRUTH...
Isn't Ken Burns a NATIONAL TREASURE???
I am often overwhelmed with emotion watching his Work, these are my 2 favorites of his.

#25thAmendmentNOW trending big time

If You tweet, ck it out. 25+ Dem MoC have signed onto the Bill. I enCourage ever'body to let Your representative know Your thoughts, asap.

I do HOPE(!) msm covers this AND today's IMPEACHMENT Marches.

Thank YOU.💖

Love the op ed, & the Yeats' quote :

"The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity".

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