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Member since: Tue Mar 7, 2017, 02:30 PM
Number of posts: 685

Journal Archives

Did trump only call one widow?

What happened to the other 3?

Who listens to Ben Shapiro?

Just curious. My sons listen to him and want me to. Any thoughts

Am I hearing things

First I just figured I misunderstood the news but again I heard NK said there could be a nuclear attack at any moment. Am I just going crazy? Has anyone else heard this? Getting nervous

Omg we are

Heading to another war with NK:banghead. Did we not learn anything.

what's going to happen on Nov 4th

I keep seeing on facebook wait for Nov 4th. Does anyone know if that means anything?

The rights new hero Alejandro Villanueva

according to facebook
As a result of Villanueva’s bold stand for the national anthem, his jersey sales have skyrocketed on Fanatics.com, according to 247Sports.com:

21 months! that's it

please tell me I read it wrong, he will be out in 10 months

Weiner just got sentenced

Why, why did we have to

mix politics with sports? I loved football season since H.S. I have few enjoyments these days. I love seeing my grandchildren, I love most sports and concerts. Why do we have bring in politics?

I don't agree with what trump said and I don't agree with kneeling at games.

I'm just an outcast because I don't believe in what trump said, so I can't join repubs, I don't believe anyone should kneel during football games so I get shunned from the democrats.

Is there a place to go where people don't hate so deeply, where all ideas are heard and conversations get created from these ideas.

We need another "love train"

If by chance we went to war

with NK what happens with Mueller's case against trump? Can you impeach a president during a time of war?

Anthony Weiner

is going to prison? I didn't even know he was in trial. Can someone help me here
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