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A quiz for the donald....

Attention business owners!

If a customer presents you with this card, you are completely within your rights to ignore it. To begin with, the ADA does not apply to face masks. Secondly, this is NOT a real organization. FTBA stands for “Freedom To Breathe Association”. It has no authority to decline public use of a mask. Send them packing!

This card is bogus. Spread the word.

Posted by a friend who's a contract tracer in Madison, WI.

Posted by a friend who is a Contact Tracer in Madison...

So it’s been a month of working as a contact tracer for WI. This is what I have to say about it:
1. The highest risk is in your household. If someone gets it ISOLATE THE FUCK OUT OF THEM. Seriously, shut them in the basement with a bucket and toss them lunchables and Capri suns 3X a day. Even if they’re asymptomatic. ISOLATE.
2. You probably won’t die. You might feel like you have a cold or the flu or you might be sicker than you’ve ever been. Covid doesn’t care who you are. And as miserable as you are while still being able to stay away from the hospital they can’t do anything for you. You might get over it in a few days. You might still find it hard to breathe 6 weeks later. COVID DOESN’T CARE WHO YOU ARE.
3. Speaking of death... you know what sucks? Like really really sucks? Interviewing a man or woman whose mother has just been taken off life support. The mother who you never got to say goodbye to. The mother who will die alone. And if it sucks to interview them imagine how it sucks to be them. If there’s something you could do, some small thing that could stop the spread of this fucker so no more sweet mothers die alone and their children cry to strangers on the phone because they hurt so much, HOW ABOUT IF YOU FUCKING DO IT, EH?
4. These outbreaks right now in WI: La crosse, Green Bay, Madison, Eau Claire (it’s coming for you) you know what they have in common? Colleges. Ten times a day I talk to a 20 something year old who says, “I thought since there are no rules that meant it’s safe.” Thank you WI Republicans! These kids go to bars and go home to their houses they share with 5 other people and one after another they all get it.
5. Speaking of college. If we are relying on college kids to police themselves and “do the right thing” IM LOOKING AT YOU UW. We are fucked. They live in dorms and apartments and shockingly they’re not so good at policing themselves. Even if your kid is, he is a drop in a very contagious bucket. I think the chance that colleges won’t be online by November is close to zero.
6. Speaking of bars? Don’t go. Strip clubs? Don’t go. Kalahari? (I wouldn’t if I were you) these are all places I’ve discussed with positive cases.
7. Community spread is out there, but you’re much more likely to get it from another persons face than a door handle. You know how we cover our mouths when we sneeze? Why do we do that? PUT ON THE MASK IF YOU ARE INSIDE. PUT ON THE MASK IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE BUT UNABLE TO DISTANCE.
8. Number one symptom? DIARRHEA. Every single person who has one or more symptoms has it. Headache also huge. So many people say “it started like this tickle in my throat.”
9. NOBODY HAS A FUCKING FEVER. I counted less than five cases where someone has a fever. And I think I’ve talked to almost 100 people. If anyone says they’re taking temperatures to check for COVID? RUN AWAY. 9 times out of 10 there will be no fever. Ask people is they have a raging headache and shit their pants.
In conclusion: MASKS, ISOLATION, NO BARS, MASKS, DIARRHEA, MASKS. Thanks for your time.

John Butler...guitarist extraordinaire? No doubt in my mind....and read the comments.

Soooo....Minneapolis police strongly advised me to

Delete my post about what happened to my nephew citing I was “inciting violence” in referencing his sexual orientation And they don’t consider this to be a hate crime. Thank you for all the comforting messages!

But... wtf?

2020 Democratic National Convention Update

I just received this via email....

Milwaukee 2020 Volunteer,

As always, we can’t thank you enough for your continued interest in uplifting our city and its values by volunteering for the 2020 Democratic National Convention. As we’ve consistently stated, volunteers are critical to the strength of our convention and—more importantly—our communities.

That’s why, alongside our partners at the Democratic National Convention Committee, we remain focused on planning a convention that’s both successful AND safe for everyone involved, including our volunteers.

So today, after months of careful consideration—and after consulting with public health officials—the convention team announced updated plans that will ensure a successful convention that prioritizes protecting public health. These updates include:

Broadcasting from Milwaukee and across the nation—Four nights of convention programming will be anchored out of our Milwaukee community, from August 17-20, 2020. Programming will include both live broadcasts and curated content from Milwaukee and other satellite cities, locations, and landmarks, which will help the convention reach and engage even more communities, while continuing to direct attention back to our hometown.

Conducting official business without risking public health—After consulting with public health officials, convention planners have determined that state delegations should not plan to travel to Milwaukee and should plan to conduct their official convention business remotely.

Updating the convention campus—With fewer people gathering in person at this year’s event, convention planners are modifying the convention campus. Convention proceedings will move from Fiserv Forum to the Wisconsin Center, the convention center located in downtown Milwaukee.

Because there will be a smaller footprint of guests on the ground in Milwaukee for the convention, we are currently working to determine the exact number of volunteers that will be needed and what roles they will fill. As these decisions are made, we will continue to keep you updated so that you can plan accordingly.

In the meantime, please take a moment to update your volunteer availability on our portal. After clicking the link below, you will be required to login to your Milwaukee 2020 volunteer account.

Thank you again for your interest in helping us make history right here in Wisconsin later this summer. Our team continues to be inspired by your enthusiasm and passion for strengthening our communities through volunteerism. We look forward to sharing additional details with you soon!


Milwaukee 2020 Volunteer Team

Milwaukee 2020 Host Committee

One image is worth a thousand words... Have four.

Just when I thought this administration couldn't sink any lower...

Trump wants restaurant owners to have the option of keeping servers tips, or letting the server have the tips. Another Obama protection he wants to overturn.


Ho hum....🥱

Guess this Is from an earlier rally.

I have no regrets nor apologies, this photo brings a tear to my eye and a lump to my throat. ☮️

Photographer Kevin Greene captured this moment during a peaceful protest in Greensboro NC. "She was having a blast and decided to run to the front of the pack to walk hand in hand with one of the leaders," said Greene. "I just happened to be there to catch this inspiring moment." Alpha Shots Photography

[I predict a Pulitzer Prize for this one.]


I’ve posted more pics from this same protest in Greensboro, NC on this thread.

More explanation about this photo on their Facebook link.

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