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Member since: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 09:31 PM
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Idiot 🙄 (from George Takei)

But he has thanked George Washington for saving our airports in 1776.

Well played, Chelsea Handler....

If you want your beans without a side of racism, try other brands. I am.

60 photos you must see at least once in your life!

If 2020 was a car....😂

Meme of the day!

"COVID Exhaustion" in a nutshell....

Aspects of our COVID exhaustion are due to the reality that many of us are carrying the weight of other’s irresponsibility.

Many go about their lives, unencumbered with any feeling of social responsibility, then feel justified in their carelessness at least partially protected by the Herculean efforts of others.

Not only are we carefully navigating a context foreign to us, sacrificially bearing a collective burden, we have to watch those efforts devalued by those who then pretend their carelessness is justified.

We’re holding a societal umbrella in a downpour; they’re laughing and pretending it’s not raining because they’re not wet.

It’s exhausting.....

For the anti-mask whackjobs!

Sharing...for all the educators, now also on the front lines.

I accepted my job when I was trained on HIV and not being told which student were positive. We were told to treat all students as if they were positive. They gave us a 30 minute training on HIV and handed us a zip lock baggie with gloves and bandaids.

I accepted my job when told that I was now a counselor and was to identify and understand every learning, emotional, and physical disability.

I accept my job when we were told that we had to protect our students from an active shooter. We received a 20 video presentation at the beginning of each school year on how these shootings happen. We received another 20 minute practice on how to attack a gunman with classroom supplies. We were suppose to have training on field triage of gun shot wounds. We were not provided with anything to help us protect ourselves and our students. Told to have planned escape routes. Oh, we did get a sign to put on our wall that stated that this corner is a safe zone (so the shooter knows exactly where we are hiding).

I accepted my job when after the above training we practice this code red drill, instructing 4 year olds to hide, be quiet, and to stay still in a dark, hot, bathroom with 20 of their friends and their teacher. Then, having never been trained on how to talk with these sweet 4 year olds after. How do you answer questions such as “what happens if the bad guys shoots you first? Who will protect us?” The first time I was asked that question, I had to pretend I was going to sneeze so I could turn around and cry.

I accepted my job when trained on how we would evacuate with our students if there were a nuclear accident.

I accepted my job when I am told that I may be the only person in my students lives that they can depend on.

I accepted my job when on an almost weekly basis our demands changed.

I accepted my job when I am required to identify physical, emotional, and psychological abuse and report it including identify food insecurity.

I accepted my job when I am trained to administer life saving medicine (Epi-pen, Diastat, and other meds).

I accepted my job when I realized I would have to spend my own money (average of $1500 per year) to supply my classroom with almost everything (including cleaning supplies) but for desks an in most cases textbooks.

I accepted my job when in my 23 years, went as long as 7 years without any pay raise, several times.

I accepted my job when I had to fight each year to make sure that my classroom a/c works correctly and our alarm systems work reliably.

Now, today we are being told to report to our classrooms during a pandemic. Oh, they promise us that all safety procedures will be in place. Hand Sanitizer, soap and paper towels to wash hands, masks, social distancing, deep cleaning, etc.

But forgive me if I don’t believe you!!! Why should I believe you that my safety is important to you when in my 23 years you have never demonstrated that this was true. Why?
I'd love to, but...

*posted on Facebook by my teacher friend.

The absurdity of it all....

On a zoom call this afternoon for the Democratic Action Team I’m a member of a teacher friend of mine asked...

“I wonder how social distancing will work when we run active shooter drills this Fall.”


We were all speechless.....My heart aches.

This goes into effect Monday...wish us luck!

No idea how this is going to be enforced.

And a recall is being organized for the removal of Madison’s mayor by the “this is unconstitutional” crowd.

County fairs start this weekend....
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