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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 4,516

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I have some friends and cousins who believe Trump's

description of what taking a knee is about.

It's very much that they need to have an us vs them kind of fight for some reason.

It is sad that it is the level of interaction we have when the side they are on is fake news.

There are times when I want to disengage and block it all out but then I think we need our voices in the mix too.

Maybe one of them will check out what we are saying and get a new perspective.

It isn't just one side against an equal other side, it is good vs evil.

Let's have a contest to pick the day Trump fist has to pay for his lies and miss deeds.

I pick 00-00-00

Dodgers 2 innings away from the NL


Cubs there's always last year

Seems to me Trump and his administration are like the weather. Everyone talks about it and you know

the rest.

Night after night I listen to various people on MSNBC tell me how bad Trump is. It is getting tiring hearing it.

I keep hoping that some night I will here that Trump or any of his family or any of his administration has had a day where justice was served and they will have to pay a price for their actions. I am beginning to think that will never happen. I doubt the Mueller investigation will give us justice.

Jeff Sessions can lie directly to a Senate Committee and the repubs on the committee will do nothing about it and the Dems are impotent to do anything about it.

It is almost a year since the Russians were involved in our elections and helped put Trump in office. And it is about a year until our next election and no one is going to stop the Russians from screwing us over again.

Nothing we want will see the light of day if we do not take power away from the right.

I think that thought when ever I read threads about some Dems vs other Dems.

None of what is said in those threads matters to me right now.

We need to do what we don't do well and that is vote in large numbers in an off year election.

To me it doesn't matter if they are for single payer or not. We are losing the ACA! To me it doesn't matter how far to the left or not they are. We are in the minority in Congress.

We are the only ones who can do anything about Trump.

Dodgers take game 3 in NL champion series

from the Cubs.

The Cubs beat themselves tonight.

Dodgers remain hot.

Justin Turner hits a home run in the bottom

of the 9th to give Dodgers game 2 of the NL championship series over the Cubs

Dodgers take game one from the Cubs in the

NL champion series.

Hope Dodgers can go to the World Series.

Smoke from the wild fires up north have moved into Santa Barbara County

This from an email I just got:

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department and the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District issued an Air Quality Watch for Santa Barbara County through the weekend. Smoke and ash from wildfires burning throughout the state are affecting local air quality, and may continue over the next several days. Even when wildfires occur outside of our county, air quality can be affected by wildfires miles away.

NAHB and NAR Divided Over Mortgage Deduction

NAHB and NAR Divided Over Mortgage Deduction

Oct 5 2017, 11:03AM

Is it time to bid farewell to an American-as-Apple-Pie tax deduction?


After 75 years of supporting it against all assaults, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) has abandoned its defense of the mortgage interest deduction (MID) one of the more sacred cows in the U.S. tax code. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) however is standing tough.


The split between NAHB and NAR over the proposed changes comes down of course to the constituency of each. NAHB is more vested in protecting the low-income tax credit, which the proposed changes would not affect. Its chairman, Granger MacDonald said in part, "By lowering the pass-through rate, the plan will reduce the tax bill of thousands of small businesses and help to spur job and economic growth. More importantly, the blueprint maintains the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, the most indispensable tool to help produce affordable rental housing. The plan also retains a business interest deduction for small businesses, which would ensure that our future tax code is truly pro-growth."


For its part, NAR is standing behind the deduction, and has started running ads defending it. Those ads claim the proposed changes could drive home prices down as much as 10 percent while raising taxes for most middle-income homeowners.

William E. Brown, current NAR president, calls the proposed changes "a backdoor elimination of the mortgage interest deduction for all but the top 5 percent who would still itemize their deductions." NAR, he said "believes the result would all but nullify the incentive to purchase a home for most, amounting to a de facto tax increase on homeowners, putting home values across the country at risk and ensuring that only the top 5 percent of Americans have the opportunity to benefit from the mortgage interest deduction."


Listening to MSNBC experts talking about the Las Vegas shooting.

They are basically saying we are impotent when it comes to being able to prevent mass shootings.

The ten thousand pound gorilla in the room is that the gun lobby has us by the nuts and will squeeze us as hard as they can if we talk about gun control.

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