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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:40 PM
Number of posts: 4,516

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Don't put me on your perch, Mr Ward!

- Don't drag me into your gutter!

These people crawled out of a sewer,

Mr Ward!

And maybe the gutter's

where we should be!

From the movie Mississippi Burning

At Trump's West Virginia speech tonight, he did that tight lipped chin in the air thing

that Mussolini did. He did it after every piece of red meat he threw to the audience.

Ari Melber on MSNBC shows Bill Clinton saying he did not have sex

Blow jobs don't equal treason

Here is a terrible thought. That poster we see of cameo pictures of all

the Presidents will now have Trump on it.

We should stop saying Medicare for all and

single payer in the same sentence as if they are interchangeable ideas.

I have Medicare but I don't have single payer. They are two different things.

Individuals pay for their Medicare coverage.

I had to choose what insurance company to buy my part B, part D and supplemental from.

If Medicare for all is not like my Medicare it isn't Medicare at all.

Single payer is paid for with tax revenue not by the individuals covered like Medicare.

I don't want to refight the primaries. But I have questions

I was here with a different name. I could not use that name because I could not use the email I signed up with after the highjaking in November.

Anyway, I was wondering how much of the things said about Hillary on this board back then may have come from Russian operatives?

It seems now that they were working to get Trump elected even before the Repub primaries. So maybe they were trying to influence the Dem primary.

Could they have used social media in an attempt to get Bernie nominated thinking he would be easier to defeat than Hillary?

Or possibly they were attacking Bernie thinking Hillary was easier to beat seeing Bernie's huge rallies.

I am not trying to stir up the fights that went on back then. They are over and we have a common enemy.

But I felt during the primary that some of the worse things said about Hillary did not come from the hearts of DUers.

I always felt there was some other source for them.

Please understand I am not trying to dredge up the past or to fight those fights again.

Just wondering if others felt there was an outside influence in the Dem primaries. And could it be Russian.

Pence resigns, Repubs replaces him with someone

that they think will pass their agenda, Trump resigns, Pence replacement becomes President.

I think that is what will happen.

Re: Agnew, Nixon, Ford

How about Dems, left, center, right join together

and start rebuilding democracy.

That to me means getting foreign influence out of our elections, strong cyber security, non party public drawing of congressional districts, eliminating laws that restrict voting rights, elimination of hackable voting machines, longer early voting periods, automatic registration, paper ballots, mail in voting and anything else to encourage citizens to take part in their government.

So I just spent the last week in Toronto.

The harbor front is nice with a lot of things to do.

The Blue Jays were playing last night in their nice stadium. It is too bad Toronto island is flooded. I would have liked to go there.

Plenty on 20 and 30 somethings living in high rise apartment buildings. The buildings are everywhere in the down town area.

They ride the train to work. They bicycle everywhere and jog along the lake front.

The mass transit is plentiful and efficient.

Their diversity is very visible with people from many countries living peacefully together and speaking their native languages.

The young folks are struggling with paying for rent and food and their student loans.

Nobody there seams to be worried about Trump. I think they are adjusting to the new world order taking place.

I think we will be looking to Canada as a leader to emulate instead of the other way around.

I hear it said that both sides should work

together to solve the problems with health care.

Yet our side wants to increase the number of people getting health care and the other side wanting to decrease the number who get health care.

How can we work together when there are opposing goals.

The media needs to stop this "work together to get something done" talk and recognize that there is no common ground to work on.

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