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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:40 PM
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I have Medicare it is not free health insurance.

I have part A which we all pay for through payroll deductions. Part A covers hospital bed day costs. There is a deductable and Medicare does not pay 100% of the bill. Payments for bed days are detemined buy a formula and is different depending on a bunch of your circumstances. You can look up the formula on line in the federal register.

I have part B which pays for doctors fees. Reimbursement is determined by procedure codes and also does not pay 100% of the bill. I pay for part B through deductions from my social security check. It costs about $120 per month.

I have part D which is perscription coverage. I have one monthly perscription at this time and it is free but I pay for the coverage out of my social security check also. I am not sure what it costs but I don't get much of a savings because I have only one perscription.

Then I have a suplimental insurance plan through AARP. It costs $180 per month and goes up every year. It pays for what Medicare does not pay.

I only see my doctor every six months so I don't get much of a savings there either. I am lucky I guess at 71 years old I am rarely sick.

So I pay around $400 per month so I don't have to pay for my perscription and doctor visits.

I think Medicare for all would be similar for everyone if it were enacted, it is not going to be like going to the doctor and the government pays for it as I read in another thread here.

Also Medicare is not goverment operated. The goverment contracts with the Center for Medicare Services a corporation. Called CMS.

When I worked I was an accountant in the medical industry so I always have to shake my head when I read someone who says we will get free goverment health care. Nothing is free!

When people are starving and giving up the will to live dictators have no more control over them.

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