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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 10,020

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Pardon question here. IF RUMP pardons himself or pence pardons him (and he accepts pardon)

Can he still rum for president again in 2024? If he accepts guilt does that disqualify him from running again?

Will the cut the assholes mic if

He DOES NOT stick to the TOPICS that the moderator picks? In other words RUMP will talk Hunter Biden, NO MATTER what the topics are. God Dam i hate this fucker!!!

Just wondering:Is there a way that Senators (Democratic) can

Get immediate access to any and ALL post offices they wanted to? Check for Mailed in ballots that are NOT being delivered. We know the districts in question, i'm sure! Would love to see this take place!

Best come back for Joe when Rumps blows the Hunter Biden horn? ( in the debate)

I say, Don, let's talk about your children being investigated by NY AG. for FRAUD!!! Got a better one for Joe?

My thoughts are, Yes the SC. wants to get rid of Roe v Wade ( for sure) BUT

I just wonder where it all ends? Will they get rid of insurance for all? ( i'm not sure) Will they rule on RUMPS loss? ( i say NO!) I really think they are using RUMP like russia is using him. When they are ALL on the SC, i'm betting they will NOT rule for RUMP! They gotta hate him as much as we do. So we'll see huh? VOTE VOTE VOTE tho. like our life depends on it!!!!

WE did our duty today!!!

We both dropped off our ballots at the court house!!!! Felt so good to vote AGAINST the R'S.

About those Cal. ILLEGAL drop boxes

I'm positive that the ballots from those illegal ballot boxes will, at the right time be turned away? Surely the voting center has rules to follow accepting ballots. Am i correct?

GREAT Lawyers here, can you answer this?

Will it be possible that the Senate Dems. can STOP this appointment? I mean IS there ANY way for them to completely STOP it? TY.

The ONLY possible good thing out of this last 4 years is?

The COMPLETE end of the RETHUGLICON party!!!

ONE of the most important questions for Barrett is

Do you approve of RUMPS Covid-19 treatment that contains STEM CELLS?
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