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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 08:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,732

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to be a FUCKING LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what's to be expected from tRump base after

our BLUE WAVE?????????????? in 2018????

i can see there answer now, if collusion,money laundering, TREASON proven 100%

it will be IT'S WHAT GOD WANTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did I miss it?

Has tRump or ANY repubs comment on the people of California ongoing catastrophe?? What the hell is the matter with these fucking R'S in congress??????

we know he won't BUT if tRump DID resign would

Muellers investigation come to a halt? What about OTHER Repubs involved? What are your thoughts?

seems like tRump is doing anything he wants with NO FEAR! you suppose

it's a plan to hurry Mueller?

i'm seeing the rEpubs plan now

Fuck the country then JUMP SHIP

is there ANYTHING Mueller could be planing on personal bases to continue his investigation IF

he's fired or removed from office? Or is he stopped dead in his tracks? Any Chance any anti tRump billionaires would approach him with there support?

can someone here explain the process of the final Virginia RECOUNT? (if she request one)

How do they go about making sure the recount is monitored by both repubs and Democrats, in each and every county of the state?

think some of tRumps people(SUBHUMAN) read posts from this site and

gives feedback to FHURtRUMP?
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