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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,900

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we all felt the generals and all would keep Moron in line when comes to Russia and N Korea but

I DO NOT have that same feeling after Asshole Kelly lied for Moron We Are in trouble now i fear

lets hear some

ideas on what things we all can do to resist and show our contempt for this bunch of assholes

i'm hoping Moron is

impeached before his other RATS that are involved in this election bullshit are charged so Moron CAN'T pardon them

so if our deficit is $666 billion how can they say

our stock market is at all time high? FALSE in my book

it may take us forever but

we will stop these assholes eventually! We can never give up no matter what decisions come down against us Even if we have to have civil war (which is what Russia is banking on) We just can't let these assholes win

an answer to our Obama care?

how about a good democrat intro a bill that ALL of CONGRESS gets SAME health care as we do. I'm a true blue democrat and what i always hear is SURE THEY HAVE THERE OWN PLAN. So we could get the voters to support us!! What are your thoughts?

crazy thinking here

if it's proven beyond a doubt that the election was completely illegal, is it at all possible that the same electoral voters could decide to undo there vote for Moron? We are in un-chartered territory here, and that would also mean that the supreme court appointee also needs to be overturned! Lot at stake here! i know i know lot of what if's BUT Dam only can hope right?

what could Mueller come up with against Moron that

would take this out of congress's hands and put into the courts? AND who would be the prosecutor be if it went to the courts?

i'm at my ends can't

we get some smart lawyers to fight whats going on in this country? The moron's gotta be stopped

will ICE

go to California and if so what can Brown do to stop them
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