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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 13,106

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Question on SC and tRUMPS taxes

Surely the SC judges are aware of ALL that is going on with taxes fiasco. Now, are they allowed to even discuss it among themselves BEFORE deciding to hear it? Just curious here. (i'm thinking it's impossible NOT to discuss it)

THANK YOU to ALL the threads on the inquiry

clap: :

Just thought i saw gym jacket off jorden reach over to shake hands with a fellow RETHUG

After he entered numerous articles without objection. ( But not sure who that was) Just shows THEY ARE PLAYING FUCKING GAMES HERE!

Question on Stone verdict.

If tRUMP pardons him, can the HOUSE call him back AGAIN? and would they?

After this testimony The courts should AGREE to whatever the house requests

To REMOVE ALL the piece's of shit from our whitehouse, and congress!

Anybody know for sure

If the Ukraine DID get the Javelins?

I know the senate controls the trial BUT

Could the House request anything from Roberts, as far as forcing any witness's to attend?

ok House RETHUGS are complaing about House rules. My question is

When we get to the Senate trial, can all these ASSHOLES be called by McTurtle?

Question on testimony

Of the ones that ALREADY testified, i'm wondering if any of them were asked if Trump or anybody told them NOT to testify? They decided to testify BUT were they asked NOT to? I'm thinking this would be important to show ABUSE of POWER!

Just curious question here.

I think tRUMP is making mega money off his bullshit wall somehow. Anybody else feel that way?
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