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Member since: Thu Apr 6, 2017, 07:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,876

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If tRUMP does fire Rosenstein, is there any person tRUMP can just move to fill his position

WITHOUT SENATE APPROVAL (that's the part that has me worried) and does it take 60 senate votes to approve whomever it would be?

i thought someone on the floor could ask the clerk to read the Dem Memo into record?

would be nice if a Repub could do this? anyone of the repubs on the committee that voted unanimously to pass it could do this right?

i just gotta believe every time tRUMP looks in the mirror he see's

MUELLER MUELLER MUELLER MUELLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

having thoughts that maybe tRUMPY becoming president could

destroy his whole fucking family in the long run!!! I REALLY HOPE THIS HAPPENS!!

Anyone answer this please

Exactly what would the result be if someone released that Democratic memo?? I mean to the person that DOES release it! What would be the consequences?

i'm sure Rachel Brand

has an interesting story to tell Mueller

WOW WOW i got more hearts

TY TY TY everyone!! Just got home and there they were!!! TY my weekend just got SUPER

TY TY TY for my heart whomever sent it

If Trump causes constitutional crisis any thoughts on

how the stock market will react?

Wow such a great feeling under Obama (for 8 years) feeling good about human rights!Then

Along comes tRUMPY and absolutely trying to WIPE EVERYTHING OUT!!!! And the fucking repugs and RUSSIANS take this beautiful country DOWN THE DRAIN!!!! November can't come fast enough!!!!
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